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wrens in navy has it been a good or bad thing

During the war, a crusty old Admiral received a written report stating that the local Naval Stores were running short of uniforms because the women, in the newly formed Wren Service, had been purchasing the navy blue serge to make their own uniforms.

The Admiral sent a signal addressed to the whole Navy, both Home and Abroad, in which the preamble outlined the problem, and his final paragraph read;

“Therefore, and in view of the above, all Wrens clothing is to be held up until the needs of the sea going man have been satisfiedâ€

Yep, I think it's been both a good thing and a comfort.



Lantern Swinger
i think its a good thing but they should have thier own ships not mixed ships companies


War Hero
IIRC, wasn't that tried in the US Coastguard and failed - as they were too bitchy? Or was that an urban myth?

<Under desk, wearing tin hat awaiting incoming>


Come on guys, this is a bit derogatory here. I'm all for casual sexism but let's face it: from what I have heard there hasn't been one case of a wren not being profficient at their job.

After all, if there are no wrens on board, the crew WILL turn to homosexualtity. :lol:

Edited for gash spelling


War Hero
I've served with PLENTY of wrens onboard who were far better at their jobs than their male oppo's.

Keep this thread civilised and on track chaps or it's going to the gashbarge.


Lantern Swinger
thank the lord i never had the misfortune to work on ships with women ...... im not anti women tho i just dont think its a good idea


War Hero
i worked with a couple on op fresco and they were top draw and pleasing on the eye (didnt have grat issue wrens behind) i asked for other opinions because i figured those who work with them more often will know better


Lantern Swinger
Maybe my old mind is getting a bit rusty. Didn't the septics have a ship full of women? Something around late 70's early 80's?

I left before the order was given to let Wrns to sea. I have no comment on that. My opinion at the time has since been proven to be outdated and wrong.

Still, I am old fashioned and......

that's it!



Lantern Swinger
I think the role women play in society has vastly changed over the past 50 years, and the RN has acknowledged this. Women are often far better educated in today's society and to say that women should not serve in the RN is ludicrous.

I am not a feminist and believe that there are some jobs that MOST women cannot do (firefighter for example). Positive discrimination is tosh and at the AIB I was tested along side men, and marked against a set of criteria applicable to both sexes. I may not be able to run as fast, or serve as effectively on the front line but when mental aptitude is concerned I can hold my own. I do hope that the RN can put this female mind to use, and if I didn't believe that they could I would not have put myself forward.

Times are changing.


Lantern Swinger
they should serve in the RN absolutely but not on ships with men sorry if im old fashioned but cant help it :) dont wanna offend no fucka


War Hero
i agree with the role change in society but the armed forces isnt society and the fact that they call it equal opportunities yet give wrens more time to do there mile and a half is actually unequal opportunities is it not


Lantern Swinger
everytrhing has got to be equal matey but you can guarantee that there will some amonut of dripping (snigger) but as long as we don't get wrens on boats mate imagine that you wouldn't be able to pi$$ in the sinks in the heads or take a [email protected] in a binbag in maneouvering would you?


War Hero
yeah but it would be fun getting out your rack at emergency stations with a bit of morning glory then trying to figure out why youve got knickers on instead of your sea going boxers
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