Wrens at sea

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by NorwayChris, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. As an ex pogi from the 70s /80sand never been at sea with a woman i am just curios as to how its working out for the serving members of today,ie are there many arguments or god forbid fighting about "jenny" or is it all hunky dori ,does the lady ( and i use that phrase losly) get prettier as the time at sea gets longer or am i just imagineing the worst,i for my sins am glad that we never had "ladys " at sea with us as i am was a horny barstuard in my younger days and i am sure this would have caused me and my oppos a few problemos,i appolagize from the heart of my bottom if i offend any body with my remarks concerning this subject :twisted:

    ps pardon my spelling but i am deselixik
  2. Try
    "Does Jenny dusty ever leave the stores office and actually do any work in the storerooms?"

    Answer to which is no- they complain everything is too heavy or dark and dingy in the stores and so sit on their fat arses all day eating ginsters and nutty from the naafi!

    Oh and the only "Lady" I have ever seen at sea was over 2000 tones- had cold grey skin and let me stay inside her for as long as i wanted- no such thing as a Lady on ships- theres only jenny!
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Beats a steward sucking your knob.
  4. Er I suppose it can do no harm in telling you now, we actually did have one once, and we had to give her back. :cry: :cry: :cry: :twisted:
  5. Not all serving females gripe, some of us pull the weight! If I remb rightly, the males seemed to moan more than the lasses onboard.

    Yes, there are some females that are a pain in the arse but then again, the same goes for serving males. As longas you do the job correctly, there is no harm.
  6. Thats a fair comment,"As long as you do the job correctly, there is no harm."
  7. I've served on mixed ships and all males ships.

    I've seen rape accusations, I seen wrens f**king senior rates to get their task book done quicker, I've seen fights over wrens, etc etc

    This really put me off serving with wrens at sea. None of the above went on when I was on a all male ship.

    However this doesn't say there wasn't any wrens that pulled their weight. I've come across loads I'd happily serve with again. However there were (NOTE I SAID WERE) more bad apples than good apples. But things have changed since then and I do not doubt there more wrens that do their job as well or even better then the guys at sea now.

    Just when I was in it annoyed me working to get my task book done where they were f**king
  9. I've also seen rape accusations, shagging of SR's to get task books completed and fights over partners.

    But only on all-male ships.

    Having the lasses at sea is a good thing. For starters, the lads tend to look after themselves more, there's healthy competition between males and females both professionally and ashore and they can also be a calming influence when things go a bit skewiff. It also enables one to save cash by securing a fcuk rather than blowing all your cash on whores.

    That said, doing the shakes in the girlie mess is a horrendous experience, it turns your stomach and is enough to put you off females for life. I recommend never doing it.

    Edited to add:

    And your vast experience means they're all like that does it? Maybe you shouldn't be such a soft touch you quim.
  10. Struth with all this 'bonking' and the fact that pofters are now allowed in the RN does any work ever get done?
    Jacks spoilt for choice these days me guesses what with Wrens, pofters and if they don't do the job go ashore!!
  11. Hey MontyP
    Gives a whole new meaning to the request"give me a shake half way down" when giving shakes in the girls mess :p :p :p :p
  12. Mid-ships, furry mitt!
  13. I thought that 'male matelots' were not allowed in the female matelots messes?
    When we were doing a feasibility study for the Canadians leasing the Upholder class diesel boats they were looking for space for a six 'woman' mess that must be lockable!!
  14. SHAKES!

    Oh, i've done some shakes that woke the mess up. My first time going into the lads mess, pitch black, only a lil torch to hand, i went to shake the dude, ended up placing my hand on his knob.........which was like a stick of rock, screamed and ran!!!!!
  15. Plead JD can I have a shake about 0600 tomorrow morning :p :oops:
  16. First time I shook a Killick wren to get up she rolled over and the rampant rabbit fell on the floor. It would've been alright if she wasn't rough

    I'm not saying Wren's shouldn't be at sea, just through my experience of them when I was in I preferred the all male ship I was I found it far better.

    There are some great wrens in the mob that worked there socks off, however I only came across a few. There is probably far more now a days. Especially when you see the professionalism of the one who won the military cross.

    Times change as do people and the way they work. I do think having them at sea is a good thing, I just didn't like the most of the ones I served with my self.
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Another pointlessly reactionary and irrelevant thread by one of the resident trolls... :roll:
  18. More to the point, another OLD thread dragged up by our new re-animator.
  19. Bit like a penis only smaller then :wink:
  20. It Had Balckpool written all the way through it

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