Wrens and their cap tallies

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by murgles, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. I remember wrens being embarrassed (true) by such cap tallies as HMS Gamecock, Impregnable "I'll make you pregnable darlin'" and Vulture. There were a couple of others that made them squirm -but can't remember.
  2. Oh, you mean like HMS Gorgeous and HMS Not got a fat arse :D
  3. They weren't too keen on HMS Splitarse either but these were uttered sotto voce for the most part.
  4. Not really up on old Shore Establishment names mate to be honest, wasn't there an HMS Gannet?
  5. Thanks for that. RNAS Eglinton in N.I. Excellent.
  6. HMS Brazen? HMS Battleaxe?? :)
  7. Was HMS Beaver ever a mixed ship?
  8. HMS HERPES ????
  9. She thought she was a carrier.
  10. What about HMS Munter for a name?
  11. The RNR unit in Swansea back in the 80s was called HMS Dragon.....big smiles all around for the lads :thumright: :biggrin:
  12. Have just started to read Max Arthur's "Lost Voices of the RN" (highly recommended by the way...)

    In one chapter it mentions an old Chinese river gunboat called HMS Cockchafer - now i bet THAT would make some of those lovely Wrens blush! lol ;-)
  13. I served on a sister ship HMS Ladybird. Sadly no wrens just nubile Japanese girls came who on board each day to make our beds then in the evening did unspeakable things with Asahi beer bottles at the Royal Naval Club (sic) in Sasebo. I say (sic) as. unlike the luxurious USN Club, it was a folorn room full of wooden tables with sailors, from the Korean War ,drowning their sorrows in cheap saki and Watney's brown ale. Sad but true.
  14. Blonde and Blossom sound Dainty enough unless she's Forward and a bit of a Teazer. However, Valkyrie, Vixen and Vulture sound excessively Violent while Pungent, Relentless and Repulse could make you Recoil with Dispatch. If she's Ready and a Volunteer, why not Pincher and Spanker (as ships) but not Puncher because that would be too Aggressive, especially if she's Acute female Recruit. The less said about Plumper, the better. If you Hector or Chaser, Lookout she doesn't seek her Revenge and put you in the Rattle. The Discovery of a Heroine alongside a Hero would be a Brave sight but finding a Mermaid with a Fanny would be a real Surprise.
  15. But they never wore them on their cap tallies.
    Did they?
  16. Your ground is stonier than a rock quarry full of cherries. I'm very impressed.

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