Wreck of WWI British submarine discovered in Baltic

I've just been listening to a piece about this on R4's 'Today' programme: Sub's (sic) wartime grave discovered. The wreck of HM Submarine E18, thought to have been sunk by a German mine in the Baltic in June 1916, has just been discovered.

Of the 57 E-class submarines built during the First World War, 26 were lost. The story of E18's ill-fated voyage is to be retold in a documentary, 'Churchill's Lost Submarine'.
I wonder if this is one that has been found during the detailed survey for the new Russia to Germany gas pipeline. My son is involved with this and was telling me that they have found many wrecks whilst doing this including a sailing vessel where you can still see the sails. They are currently waiting for a reasonable number of mine like objects to be blown up before they start laying the pipe.


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I posted on this subject in the History Forum on the 24/10/09, it gives a little bit more about where she was found amd what she was doing at the time

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