Wreck of HMS Hunter found in Narvik Fjord,


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Wreck of HMS Hunter found in Narvik Fjord, 300m down, designated as war grave.

There was a short item on the BBC Radio 4 news, but all I could find on the web was :-


HMS Hunter found
PRNewswire-GNN London 5 March

London, 5 March /PRNewswire-GNN/ --

MINISTRY OF DEFENCE News Release (034/2008) issued by The Government News
Network on 5 March 2008
With over 100 souls still on board HMS HUNTER was lost on the 10th April
1940 and has remained unlocated and undisturbed 305m under the icy waters of
a Norwegian fjord until the Norwegian Minehunter HNOMS TYR found her this week.

HNOMS TYR was participating in a large multinational exercise involving
the Royal Navy, Royal Norwegian Navy and the Royal Netherlands Navy along
with ships from Spain, Belgium and Germany when she discovered the sunken
vessel with her echosounder. On dispatching her remote operated submersible
to investigate, it became clear that this was the long lost HMS HUNTER,
lying as she was when she had finally succumbed to the unforgiving waters
after bravely fighting during the Battle of Narvik; an action that would
result in the first VC of WW2 being awarded.

The presence of the Commander of the United Kingdom's Amphibious Force,
Major General G S Robison, and other Royal Navy ships participating in the
exercise allows appropriate marks of respect to be paid in a ceremony due to
take place later this week. The ships of the RN, the Netherlands Maritime
Force and the Norwegian Navy, who are participating in Exercise Armatura
Borealis, will lay wreaths over her grave in a commemorative service complete
with the ships sailing past the site of the sunken destroyer in formed line.

Major General Garry Robison said: "Finding HMS HUNTER was a poignant moment
and being able to pay our respects along with our Norwegian and Dutch allies
is particularly fitting to those who lost their lives."

The Norwegian National Joint Headquarters was pleased to inform the British
Authorities that they had finally found HMS HUNTER, which will now be marked
as a wargrave, after several attempts over the years had proved unsuccessful.

The Senior Spokesperson, Col John Ogland, said: "Being able to host this large
multination exercise is great for us but to find HMS HUNTER whilst doing
so makes it very special indeed. We remain close allies and are eternally
grateful to those who helped preserve our freedom."

The ceremony will be held this Saturday, 8th March 08.

Notes to Editors
HMS Hunter was an H-Class Destroyer of 1880 Tonnes, armed with 4.7inch guns
and 2 x 4 Torpedo Tubes. She had a crew of approximately 145 at the time
of sinking.
She was sunk at approx 0530 GMT with 110 killed on board. The Germans lost
4 destroyers during the 1st Battle of Narvik whilst the Allies lost only

Requests for attendance at the Wreath Laying ceremony should be directed to
RN Fleet Media on +442392628825.

Photographs of the wreck of HMS Hunter and of Exercise Armatura Borealis 08
are available at www.royalnavyimages.co.uk.

Ministry of Defence


Lantern Swinger
Despite what the press release says, the pictures are NOT on the RN database as I've just looked.

The pix on the Norge news site are excellent; I'm amazed how good the guns look after all this time.

Hunter's a very sad case. She took a pounding from a German destroyer, George Thiele I think, then got rammed by HMS Hotspur in the chaos of battle and sank. No more than 40 guys got out of her out of about 145 on board.

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