WRD promotion reductions to WO

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by kingoftwigs, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. Now that it has been confirmed that promotions to WO will be reduced I can only sumise that promotion from WO2 will slow and therefore promotion to WO2 will slow. Because of this the capping of CPO artificers at payband 7 till selected for WO2 seems even more unfair and, dare I say it, discriminatory. I heard direct from a senior officers lips that the navy is looking to increase the age at which WO1's are promoted to reduce time done in that job, fine I can understand that some WO1's have been doing their bit for 15 odd years but, as a young chief wanting to go further, I do not want to be waiting till I'm nearly outside for promotion and I certainly don't want to be sat at the same rate of pay whilst non-tech ratings can overtake me, gone are the days of trade pay balencing things out.
  2. i know exactly how you feel, it sucks dont it. also even when you do get WO2 and all the extra responsibilities that come with the rank then non techs will catch up with you anyway. i have in the past been auth to take a four aircraft detachment away whilst been capped at level 4 yet a mechanic who (IAW the regs) cannot take detachments is able to go up to level 9 its beyond believe who ever thought up pay 2001 and all the levels/caps and bands. they clearly didnt understand everyones jobs and authorities
  3. Perhaps they shouldn't have invented FCPOs in the first place.....the RN seemed to work alright with just chiefs and indians. Continued fiddling with the system in the last 30 years doesn't seem to have done much for morale.
  4. I think morale is at an all time low now, the same senior officer who told me not to hold my breath for promotion also advised that I should tell members of my division to put their notices in 'If thats what I felt was right'! How are we becoming such a laughable organisation, there must be a better way. It doesn't help with guys like this in positions to make a difference.
  5. Same thing happenned many years ago when they brought in CPO by selection for the non artificer/mechanician branches. We suddenly had lots of very young CPOs most of whom were wardroom candidates. Once rated many withdrew their officer applications. Result, promotion to CPO almost non existant. In my branch POAEM(R) there were years with no promotions and at best only one or two.

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