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  1. told to me by an old and bold in an RSL (RBL in your speak)

    I was class leader during my AB course in 67 at Cerberus .
    We were at the covered in Parade ground . A certain Chief GI had
    a "brand new" class of Wrans . The chief was having a horrid time . Squad Ho , bit of a shuffle , squad stand at ease , the girls would look at each other , shuffle around a bit more .
    You horrid little cretins and other curious names came from the chief's roaring voice . This is how you stand at attention , feet together , this is how you stand at ease , feet 18inches apart .
    Squad , stand at ease , shuffle shuffle . C'mon , c'mon Get Those
    legs apart , ya guts won't fall out . Well most of them were in tears by now as he started to take it a bit easy on them , lunch saved them as well .
    Next morning , same new class of wrans , same chief . He was giving them heaps . I thought to myself he's going to lose it soon.
    When I give the order , "by the right , dress" (you know the drill)
    Squad , by the right , dress . Well they wandered all over the
    place , the chief is about to blow a valve . Dress up , Dress up he
    hollored , in a way Only this Chief could .
    WELL , down 2,3 grab the hem of the skirt , up 2,3 .
    The chief didn't bat an eyelid as he said . " I see some of us have
    not shaved this morning" . Squad dismissed .
  2. :thumbright:

    Nice one - cheered me up, on an otherwise, miserable Wednesday !!

  3. That's why Chief GI's go around in 3s. One who can write, one who can read and the third who tells the other two what to do .... Good article though.
  4. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Based on what experience?
  5. Best dit I've read in a while!! :)
  6. Good one that and reminds me of a dit going around HMS MERCURY circa 1977 when I was in training.

    A class of sixteen WRNS were being given instruction in drill in the quadrangle by the Macco, just outside the Armoury. Their instructor was one of two very small and stout Mancunian Chief GI's who had been shouting and holering at them for ages.

    These particular girlies were poor and could not get it right at all when said GPO GI shouts out...

    "Listen in girlies, when I say 'HO', I want to hear 32 sets of pissflaps slap together in unision"

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