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wraf's/wrac's and wrens which are easiest.


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Lingyai said:

Another example of thread drift.....



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golden_rivet said:
Well if the sexist drivel on this site is anything to go by I'm amazed that any guy in uniform ever gets laid. Perhaps its all the female hormones in the drinking water - the armed forces are the last refuge of anything remotely resembling 'traditional masculinity'. What women in uniform have to put up with I can't imagine ... they have my deepest respect.

St Budeaux MQs overlooking Frigate alley - husband's been away on deployment etc etc - best bit though is you still can hear "call the hands"!


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Entrance to the Wrens accomodation in Victory barracks, used to call it passion alley,there used to quite a lot of used condoms scattered around that area, especially after the weekend, , a quick kneetrembler after a good run ashore, what more could you ask after a few wets?, Happy days :lol: :lol:

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