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'WPC Yvonne Fletcher' Petition - Please show your support


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You may have seen on the National news that the UK Government has given up seeking extradition for the killer of WPC Yvonne Fletcher. The Police Federation of England and Wales are strongly campaigning for this decision to be overruled and the officer’s killer be brought to justice.

As part of this campaign a petition has been set up on the Number 10 website.

We are encouraging every Police Officer in the Country to sign this position and support the cause of a fallen colleague.

Once you have signed please make sure your colleagues are aware and sign alongside you.

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to urgently seek the extradition to the UK of the murderer of WPC Yvonne Fletcher. More details:

Please follow the above link to register your support for this case.

This is a bona fide petition and the link is direct to the Number 10 website.


Re: 'WPC Yvonne Fletcher' Petition - Please show your suppor

Too bloody right it's done.

I think Brown job is humping Gadafi hence the name.
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