I passed my fitness test! Thanks so much everyone who helped me along the way, it really did some good!

I didn't get as fast a time as i'd hoped- 14minutes and 2 seconds i did it in and i was aiming at 13- but i don't suppose it matters too much as long as i've passed. I could've done better but i got that pain again. It's been coming on and off for short periods since i did it on Sunday, and it came back with a vengeance during the test. I think maybe i'd just strained a muscle a bit. By the last 200metres i was running doubled over and gripping my side that much, it's still got fingernail marks on! But pain is only temporary as they say, and i feel great for having done it.

Can't wait to hear anything from the AFCO now.

I feel great :D


Well done snaps , thought of you today at work , so glad you passed , keep up the running though , and do it very gradual , build up over time , your not a crap runner , your just not used to it so to speak , remember the Fartleck routine and you could very easily do a half marathon in a few months time , you must also remember to have rest days , so important , the body has to recover sometime , gradual ,gradual, gradual , I did'nt start running till I was 30 & on 40 fags a day , once I was into it I found it addictive , sadly can't do it know but loved at the time , happy day's indeed , theres a magizine out there called Running , loads of good advice , let us know when you do your first half marathon , there is nothing to stop you , & the satisfaction is awsome , best of luck in everything you want to achieve , chuffed to bits for you , :D
Tattoo, WKD, thanks!

Dondon, i didn't quite manage my Fartleck, more like have a leisurely jog before the pain kicked in and dropped to a pace that i never even trained at!

Rosey, thanks for all your encouragment! Hope you had a nice pee!

My mom uttered the 'p' word when i said i'd passed, then made me fix the chainsaw.