Wow, didn't expect there to be a gaming board on here.

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by creddly, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. So this must be for the retired only right?

    I mean, what time is there for games when you join the mob?

    It's a huge hobbie I imagine I'll have to give up when I eventually join due to serious time constraints.
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    [And another thread by Credders to remind us all he's still interested in joining up...] :roll:
  3. Is he not at Raleigh now? Thought he was getting there this month
  4. What's your point then?

    Where does it show I'm not interested in joining up?

    Because I have the sheer gall to have a hobby I've had since a kid, years before I knew I wanted to join the Royal Navy? -- One that I'm willing to give up if you'd bothered to read.

    How come most people have to answer like a tosser on this site and make too many assumptions like they think they know it all?
  5. Does anyone know what MOH airborne is like?
  6. Yes please tell us why that it is creddly?
  7. You tell me mate.
  8. Chill out Credders....Sgt P was having a laugh....when you PM'd me I gave you some advice.....
    Think about it.
  9. Yeah, but I don't get why people act as though I don't want to join.

    Where does this come from?

    If you must know, I've been given my date for Raleigh, but nobody is going to know about it.

    I could already be there, I could be months and months off. You won't know until I pass out, but I'm just telling you so you all don't think it's a big joke to me.
  10. oooo jesus, where to start? Chill credders, this is the internets, everyone responds like a prick. If you want responses that respect the possibility of a smack in the teeth, try the pub. Im sure SgtP will layoff the ribbing once you have passed out, just use it as extra motivation to get you through. And try not to bite so easy, it only makes it worse.
    That said, when you get to Raleigh, you can impress people by playing Tempest online (see games links), or once in part 2/3 training you can join Lamri and the TSG'ers for a go on the battlefield. As you have a PS3 and X360 you might have a lot of mates, esp for nerd nights, and once GT5/HD comes out.....lets hope you don't have studying to do.
    Personally I would take a DVD full of Mame games and play Metal slug and Mercs to show em all how superbad you is. Bomberman and Bust a move (puzzle bobble) are my favourites for drunk party games. We actually convinced our training dept that Sensible soccer (on Amiga and SNES, that dates us huh) was an acceptable use of our time on a wet Weds afternoon when footy was rained out.

    Gaming for retired folks.....sheeit n-word, I play at work....... :afro:
  11. Thanks for the response Shipscat.

    I don't easily bite in real life, it's just on these internet forums, it's hard to tell how people say things.

    Emoticons should be used more.

    I'm not gonna get Gran Turismo mate. I'm not really into racing games, and that's the only genre I don't like. I do like some racing games, like I have Motorstorm for PS3 which is really good, but I mainly like all the other genres.

    So do you have a PS3 or 360?

    Also, when you said you play games at work, what do you mean exactly?

    Finally, like any of the classic games that contain the character in my avatar?
  12. I'd be up for some Halo 3 co-op play over Live. Then again I might trade it in for Team Fortress 2 or Quake Wars - nothing beats being an engineer and chuckling while your gun turrets tear people apart :thumright:
  13. Omelette, do you have a 360?
  14. Indeed I do, though sometimes when I'm tired I mistake it for a hoover on account of the noise.
  15. LOL it is loud. Especially when you have a PS3 too, which is near-enough silent.

    What's your Gamertag mate?

    Mine's AstuteClass -- very apt considering I'm joining as a ET(WE).
  16. Mine's Superschmeltz. I'm not on that often due to being knackered most evenings, but I'm on most weekends.
  17. So are you in the Royal Navy right now mate, or are you retired?

    How do you play it on the weekends if you are in the Royal Navy?

    I thought that the military apartments are too small for big items like that?
  18. No to all the above - I'm currently an office monkey preparing to send in my application to become an undersea stoker.

    Assuming I get in, the 360 is heading to my little brother - I'll settle for the odd game of Civilization on my laptop.
  19. OMG we have very much in common.

    I'm going under the sea and I WORSHIP Civilization.

    Talk about a game with UNLIMITED replayability.

    What Civilization were you referring to though mate?

    I play 4 a lot now, but Civ 2 was the best and I often fire it up and it's still a classic, despite the obvious obsolete graphics.
  20. Hehe I can lose days to Civ - any of the series, though 4 is a lot easier on the eye.

    I haven't played it for yonks though. Might pick it up again now that I've kicked WoW.

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