I saw this too. It was a very moving programme. I have to say though that the Para lance jack was one of the most upbeat people I have ever seen! Shocking injuries just seemed to spur him on, fair play to him.

I also enjoyed the "dark" military humour that was obvious in the hospital. Especially the marine who shut the door on the Irish Ranger (with the damaged eyes) whilst he was going through on his wheelchair! His only response was

"...thats harsh!!..."


Lantern Swinger
That fella andy allen in the wheelchair lives in the next street from me, good lad and still got his humour

I was in that platoon, of C COY, 1 R IRISH and left a month before they deployed as I was turning 18 and didnt want to do infantry for 4 years or more. Wish I coulda went to afghan with the lads felt like i let my mates down.

Hopefully get to serve with the RN out there at least

Brill programme

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