Wouldn’t you feel safer with a gun?

janner said:
On the subject of guns the Police have today removed two dead beats from the gene pool. Listen to the do gooders squeal now. Well done Plod!!!

No problem-----legal take out with police weapons[makes a change for them to shoot a real crim :bball: :bball: ]
Anyone with a gun in his hand is a legit target should be interesting reading tommorrow

As for guns and public ownership
Up to 1920 the public could have any sort of weapon--no permits required
however due to the Red revolution and also the general strike the government really got worried about a revolution here.[uk] so they decided that all weapons [guns ]should be licenced and recorded or surrendered! Especially the heavy machine guns etc etc!!

Since then it become worse ------- Shotguns were finally brought into the
Licence required scheme about 1969 --ish. I bought my first shotgun and ammo no problems --I did need a ticket though to shoot 'game' that you applied to the post office for!!

However the UK total banning of publicly owned weapons is a 'no no' due to the constitution and its writings. Now of course possession of a firearm is restricted to type and a lot of paperwork rules and assessments to go through before the grant of a FAC.

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