would you?

Uglow is he also responsible for them sheep skin boot things. Trouble is if you put in a bad performance old Cherry would sue you so stay with a hand shandy and you can shag who you like.

Would I do her?

Yes, the same way as her cvnt of a husband did us all those yours…

OK Cherie, bend over and spread your arse cheeks and grit your teeth, this is going to hurt.
So she named one of her kids the same as the bloke who painted her naked. And Tony didn't mind? Hmm, wonder who wears the trousers there then.
All right, I know this will shock those that know me as a fine upstanding rating with very high moral standards, butr at 0200 in Boobs, yeah she'd get the fella and be bloody happy to be so blessed too.

Good point by Flymo, wonder if there's something Mr B'Liar needs to worry about