would you want this postman to ring??????

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by golden_rivet, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Pilot Hopkinson - US Mail Service 1926 - in his winter gear
  2. Maybe the ladies might say yes---depending on taste!
  3. errrrmmmmmmmmmm
  4. I wonder what it would take to make him go on strike!
  5. where exactly would you want him to strike you Rosy? :thumright:
  6. Kinnell Ladies , behave yourselves ,
  7. ok Don,,, shall i put a pic of you up instead,,, you are a cutie too you know

  8. Aaaahhhh you wouldn't do that "josie" would you , :angel13:
  9. Oh dear god!!!!!Theyre all hormonal and damp now!!!!

  10. Moist or Damp I don't mind which they're both lovely ,mmmmmmmm
  11. Why can you never find men that look like that, any more? Or am I just looking in all the wrong places???

  12. Love your name "Miss_ Naughty" , mmmmm

  13. Erm, thank you ... I think? :confused1:
  14. well at the risk of sounding like one of the throwback brigade I'd guess that these days they are disguised. The have pants that have their crotch in the knee region, strange white worms coming out of their ears, they yell into mobile phones and are surrounded by a buzzing noise ...

    big turn on ... :safe:

    edited to correct spelling mistake - some of us do that!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Be careful of what you wish for...

  16. Girls are into pink shirts and spikey hair aren't they?
  17. Yes please! Only could you get rid of the cigarette. :w00t:
  18. 1926, he'd be about 130ish by now dig out..stock up on viagra ..oh no need he's stiff enough.

  19. No need for thank you's , :thumright:
  20. Pah, I see your postie (who is a big girls blouse needing all that cold weather kit), and raise you a French war hero. And much more important that, a complete cutie pie.



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