would you stay friends with an EX

I suppose it also depends if there are children from the relationship as well.
They are unfortunatly the ones who suffer from break ups also.
If no kids involved as long as its civilalised I dont see a problem.
FFS I have trouble staying friends with the one that I`ve got, 45 years of it, the saving grace is that we never ever argue, we collect grudges, we`re in an arms race for the domestic armaggedon, where is it all going to end? :whew:
Why do people even try to stay friends with their ex's. Seen it tried many times, but never seen it work. Best you can hope for is an uneasy truce maintained for the sake of the kids.
If kids are'nt involved, it becomes even more pointless. I think birds suggest trying to stay friends as some kind of self fulfillig revenge pact.
Starting that new relationship is so much easier for everyone involved when a reminder of the previous one can be relied upon to turn up t every social occassion. Not.
She said "we can still be friends.....can't we"?.................I said "yeah but don't make a point of seeking me out for a while cos I won't be a happy bunny for a bit"!
A couple of months later I stroll into my local with a female work mate in tow....we were (then) just really good mates and "I want to stay friends" spots us and has a hissy fit and goes ballistic, I was supposed to have gone crawling back you see (whatamIa'kinmindreader)!!!!

Now I'm the mildest bloke in the world and will accomodate anybody rather than get into a kerfuffle and a shouting match BUT...........I was just about to show my displeasure when work mate girly rounds on her bigtime and reads the riot act. I then steer her towards the door and say "where the hell did that come from" in her ear".
Her reply....."anybody that messes with my man as me to deal with, she mucked you around and it needed saying".
"What d'you mean messes with my man....since when........OH! The penny dropped then. I may be a bit slow on the uptake but I get there eventually....thankfully! :love3:
You are better to do a complete break.

As mentioned its better for getting on and you can start to
live again with no complications. I let my daughter be adopted aswell.
No regrets .

Re married five years later and never looked back.

:nemo: :nemo:
Not really - one of the several lusts of my life (who dumped me while I was in the Med) bumped into my sister in law (who she went to school with) and the other half (who lived 2 doors away from her). In the course of the conversation, my name cropped up. "Who would marry a drunken asshole like him ?" she enquired. Must give her credit for this one, as she turned around and said " I DID Christine - you had your chance and blew it ". 42 years later, and she still reminds me of my lucky escape.......
I always preferred a clean break, but my last Ex lives out here now and ant's to stay in touch. I don't mind too much but it isn't very nice for the present pash so I try to keep contact to a minimum. Get this, she is getting married next month and has invited me to the wedding?????? What planet is she on? Needless to say I will not be attending.
To state the flippin' obvious I think it all really depends on the reason for the break up. The older I get the more I realise it's impossible to understand other people. So many people aren't honest about themselves and how they feel/what they want. Guy I lived with slept with a friend of ours, told me about it, I freaked, one thing led to another and we split ... two years later when I'm going to work abroad he comes round saying he doesn't think I should go ... wierd. My bro and his ex wife were unable to stop themselves playing out their failed relationship through the kids ... absolutely unbelievable poor little buggers (the kids I mean!) Some people you can be friends with some you feel you want to glass if you see them ... oops rambling ... its the early hours ... back to bed ... :sleepy:
The ex and me get on better now than we did durring the last few years of our marriage, mind you there's nearly 6000m between us now. :w00t:
Funny old thing; my ex wife telephoned me last night to say she was off for 6 weeks to stay with her sister in California. Spent over half an hour chatting about life the Universe and everything.

Once the RoE on finance and possessions had been finally agreed, the divorce was quite amicable, eventually.
NZ_Bootneck said:
Nah , can't hear a word she says through the concrete of my pati...er no haven't seen her for ages ossifer, honest
Can you provide the name of the company who fitted the err 'you know what' please. Many thanks

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