Would you sleep with a member of the same sex for £500,000?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. [Obviously this doesn't apply to our homosexual forum contingent]

    Given that most of us seem to have very few scruples, would you submit to a "doing it" with a member of the same sex for a life-changing sum of cash?

    (this is not an offer)!!!!!!!
  2. no no no and no again that makes me feel sick wrong in so many ways
  3. not a hope in hell i just couldnt do it.it would b impossible
  4. Sorry guys, but I'd do ANYTHING for my kids ;)
  5. Hahaha! Not fecking likely! :D
  6. but you guys would watch us`do it i guess?????????!!!!!!!![​IMG]
  7. of course
  8. sleep yes, sex no
  9. Re: Would you sleep with a member of the same sex for £500,

    In a heartbeat (CDN $1,000,000 after the exchange)....$25.00 to change my name and $25,000 to change my face, still leaves me a fecking lot...oh with some of the rest....$500.00 to put a contract out on his life.....hmmmm after awhile it's as if nothing happened... :thumright:

    Unless of course you throw in youtube, then forget it... :afro:

    And believe me there are a few old Diesel boatmen on here that can possibly relate (pig of the port etc).......you know who you are... :w00t:
  10. Something seems almost poetic watching two ladies going at it hammer and tongue (excuse the pun)
  11. yeah innit
  12. Re: Would you sleep with a member of the same sex for £500,0

    Not at all mate, I find it just as distasteful either way round :)
  13. cannot say id relish it, but ive done some pretty unpleasant things for a lot less, so id say yes
  14. Re: Would you sleep with a member of the same sex for £500,0

    definitely worth watching
  15. better than watchin eastenders anyway
  16. Probably....yeah...why not?
    Give me the cash
    One up the gash
    Out in a flash
    (then I'd sell the story to News of the World before he did!)

    As an afterthought - would our Gay bretheren *Change Sides* and "do it"
    with the opposite sex for the same amount of dosh??

    p.p.s. What's wrong with Those Eastender Babes then?[​IMG]
  17. Dont think i could bring myself to do it. £500,000, is a lot of money, but is it worth the pain
  18. Dont think i could even do it with Dot for that amount. It would be like doing it with dried leather
  19. i could do wi £500,00 but i couldnt do that my arse is staying intact

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