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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by WhizzbangDai, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Surprised with a bunch of degenerates like you lot around that a thread like this hasn't been started up yet...

    SO, the rules are simple. Suggest a 'would you rather' question (disgusting or appealing) and once it's been answered, the next person suggests another questions

    To continue ad infinitum

    For example...

    From the rather pleasant idea of..
    Would you rather spend a night with Cheryl Cole or Anna Kournikova(?)

    to the frankly disgusting

    Would you rather be trapped in a room with Nails or Norman?

    Get the idea?
  2. Would you rather catch your parents doing the dirty or have your parents catch you doing the dirty?
  3. I'd rather be playing golf than working. :bounce:
  4. Would you rather go down on your mum or suck off your dad?
  5. OH MY GOD,thats disgusting,but seeing as you asked ,niether,i would love to pork my aunty though,ferkin hell she`s hot even now when she is knocking on for 75 years of age, :D :twisted:
  8. Would you rather have an all expenses paid trip around the world or sh*g anyone of your choice "Once" :?:
  9. Would you rather..

    reply to this post or not?
  10. :

  11. Oh look, you all got excited about the amusing things you could type, and broke the thread, I hope you're all happy! :p

    In answers....

    Be caught, at least its more fun than catching others at it. That's just depressing.

    Dunno about parents but I have a fit cousin....

    And I'd take the all expenses paid trip - with my stunning good looks and all my expenses paid I would have a selection of beautiful ladies fighting to be with me. In my mind, anyway.

    Wait 'all expenses paid' - I wouldn't be caught, forced to pay it all back then resign, would I?

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