Would you like a Debt Free BEng (Hons) Degree from the Submarine Service whilst earning a wage?


The Engineering branch of the Submarine Service has recently introduced two Under-Graduate Apprenticeship Schemes in either Nuclear Engineering RN NUGAS (available now) or Weapon Engineering (RN WUGAS -
Please note - Further Information is currently not available on the RN Website for this scheme, however entry into the RN as WUGAS is planned for Q3 2017 ).

With a successful application to join this exciting apprenticeship scheme you could find yourself responsible for the maintenance and repair of some of the most advanced engineering equipment in the world.
In addition to a debt free BEngs (Hons) Degree, your individually tailored career of approximately 8½ years will see you promoted to a Senior Engineer position significantly quicker than other Naval Engineers.

Entry requirements:

You will need a minimum of 5 GCSEs or equivalent including Maths, English and Science at Grade C or above.
At least 160 UCAS points from a range of level 3 STEM qualifications (BTEC, A & AS levels etc) in Maths/Engineering/Science.

Scheme Outline:

Both the Nuclear and Weapon Under-Graduate Apprenticeship Schemes can be summarised as:

3.5 years (approx) of engineering training which will include some time at sea on either an Astute Class or Vanguard Class Submarine, working on either the Nuclear Reactor or the Weapons System.

3 years qualified sea service as a Petty Officer Engineering Technician on-board either an Astute Class or Vanguard Class Submarine, working as a specialist on either the Nuclear Reactor or the Weapons System.

1 year full time study at the University of Portsmouth to complete BEng (Hons).

After the University phase you will have the following options:

Apply to continue service in the Royal Navy as an Engineering Technician with promotion prospect up to Warrant Officer.

Apply to become an Engineering Officer having passed the Admiralty Interview Board.

Leave the Royal Navy with an in depth technical ability, combined with the leadership and management experience gained within the military makes you ideally suited to working for one of our Defence Industry Partners.

For further information about the Under-Graduate Apprenticeship Scheme visit the Royal Navy Website or your Local Armed Forces Careers Office.
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