Would you help me identify this ship?

The mother-in-law has just gone through the process of scanning many of her late Father's old snaps. He was a sailor in the RN from the age of 16, lying about his age at the outbreak of WW2. She doesn't have his service record (yet - I'm helping her get that from archives) but believes that this photo was of one of his ships.

I wondered if anyone here might be able to identify the boat, despite only showing part of its (pennant?) number. I'm guessing it is an escort destroyer of some sort, but I don't know the class.

Many thanks.

BLACKWOOD class Type 14 A/S frigate,
The only ones with an 80 series pennant number were:
F84 - EXMOUTH (Served on her 1965-66)
The 2 on the funnel denotes the 2nd Frigate Squadron, based at Portland, but I'm not sure when any of these served on this squadron. Hope this helps...
I was 2nd Frigate Squadron in the Type 12 frigate HMS TORQUAY (post-Dartmouth Training Squadron) 1972-3. The Type 14 frigate isn't EXMOUTH because she'd had a streamlined funnel fitted when converted to gas turbine propulsion (1 x Oly plus 2 x Proteus) Apr '66 to Jul '68 before she served in the 2nd F.S. from Aug '70 to Dec '76. MALCOLM never served in the 2nd F.S. so that leaves DUNCAN or KEPPEL. DUNCAN was 2nd F.S. from Apr '69 to Apr '71 and KEPPEL from Jul '75 to Nov '76.

An interesting fact about the Type 14s (at least to me) is that two of them were named after the same person: Lord EXMOUTH was also a member of the PELLEW family.

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Distant memories I think that both Keppel and Pellow were in the 2nd Squadron at Portland prior to 1964, can't remember if they were both there at the same time though
janner said:
Distant memories I think that both Keppel and Pellow were in the 2nd Squadron at Portland prior to 1964, can't remember if they were both there at the same time though
Did my sea training on the Keppel day running for the sonar courses can't remember whether it was UC basic or UC2's course though.
PELLEW was at Portland Jul '56 to Apr '69 except for refit at Rosyth 1961/2. KEPPEL had her first stint at Portland Sep '60 to Jun '63.

The 2nd Training Sqn became the 2nd F.S. some time during the 1960s. The 2nd F.S. later moved to Devonport and was finally disbanded in Mar 2002.
Served on board HMS Dundas as part of the 2nd TS at Portland in 56/57.

Memory a bit vague now but I seem to remember that Keppel, Duncan and Hardy were part of the squadron.



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It was 2nd F by the end of 1960. Employed to take sonar training classes to sea in place of some wartime Castle class frigates which had been paid off. Sqn included Brocklesby which was the last of the Hunts in commission & a type 15, I think Grenville.
Several Type 14s were in and out of the Reserve Fleet for much of their lives.

No record of DUNCAN at Portland prior to Dec '66 unless it was for work-up; she was only launched on 30 May '57 and was then Leader of the FPS (Fishery Protection Squadron) from Oct '58 to Jul '65 when she paid off for refit at Rosyth. However, DUNDAS was 2nd T.S./2nd F.S. from Mar '56 to Oct '77 with breaks for refits 1960/1, 1967/8 (at Gibraltar), and 1972/3.

HARDY served at Portland from Mar '59 to Sep '61, Dec '61 to Jan '64, Jun '69 to Jul '75 and Oct '77 to Apr '78.
Penelope was No.2 Second Frigate Squadron in '65 and if I remember correctly Captain F was also a Leander but which one escapes me at the moment. Lofoten was also in the squadron and used to carry a number of Landrovers for us to use when we went off on a squadron jolly. I remember getting lost on more than one occasion driving round Copenhagen, all the bridges seemed to look the same, but the cops were friendly and would guide you back to the ship.


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Besides Fish and ping-running I'm not sure these ships, ordered with the usual illusion that capability could be had on the cheap, were all that useful. I think some were sent cod-warring & got a bit bashed up by the sea; seem to remember them having plates welded on amidships to strengthen them. Seeing them alongside the wall they seemed NEVER to be upright, always listed one way or t'other. My own experience was a week of day-tripping from Portland on Subs' TAS course and a night in Blackwood's sickbay being ferried out to another ship. So, afte rmouthing off, not really an expert, more a spectator.


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Brocklesby was my first ship, joined her as a JRO in November 1960, only Junior onboard so was treated as a grown up from the start (to much hastle to recognise the fact that there was one Junior. Sparker wise there was 1 x A/Potel, 2 x RO2's and me, I was left to do single handed watches in the W/T Office after a couple of weeks.
Brocklesby was basically AUWE's (or whatever title they were using at the time) test bed for various sonar systems and only carried about 60 crew who never mixed with the civvy boffins forward.
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