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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Veronicas, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. We all know how a drunken night out can end, especially those who are serving or were. Lets hear some stories, fess up lads and ladies! Did that lass look like a super model/Jennifer Aniston at 1am and turned out to be a he/she by 8am?

    Did you wake up wishing you could eat your own arm to get away from that trollap or man whore?

    Poor Cinderella hour is the devil dressed in heels and fishnets :twisted:
  2. Which paper do you write for ronnie?
  3. I don't ya numpty!!

    This is Diamond Lil's, no boundaries right? Yeah shock horror! This will be spread across The Times tomorrow, not :roll:
  4. in answer to your questions only when I'm drunk and yes.......go figure! 8O :lol:
  5. in answer to your questions only when I'm drunk and yes.......go figure! 8O :lol:
  6. Woke up with a girl who was deaf and dumb once! Gen! Not bad looking though, just am lost to how I managed to pull her.
  7. Done it too many times to recount.
    One that does spring to mind was a moose I pulled in Hamburg. NO she was not a pay as you go lady, she was a civvy, but my god was she awful next morning when I awoke.

    ooooeeerrr I still shudder at the image
  8. I woke up one morning with the 'Goodyear Blimp' one morning on the Raglan patch, when I distinctly remember going to bed with Bo Derek. :oops: :lol:

    I had obviously had far too much lager in the Long Bar.
  9. Woke up in the cab of a crane in Guzz dockyard once, shit myself climbing down with a hangover but even more when I realised what a state I must have been climbing up... Discovery channel should feature drunken matelots on their "I should be dead" series.
  10. Fxxxxxxxxxg hell mate , I would of died of fright , hate heights , never used to bother me , but does now for some reason , thought of jumping off the twin towers sends shivers down my spine , had nightmares for weeks afterwards , :cry:
  11. I have won the Ropey Trophy(Ropicus Tropicus) outright on many occassions,i feel ill when i think of them.This thread has been on ARRSE,but what interests me is why Veronica would start it,it will be extremely interesting to see the what the Ladies? will say on the matter, if anything.
  12. If 'ladies' are good at one thing, it is that of keeping our mouths shut when we have had the worst of the, well, worst!

    But if you want to go on funny stories, J_D has a good few to tell you all :wink: :wink: nudge nudge!
  13. Are you up for it J D , go for it girl :roll:
  14. OK OK OK :roll:

    I trapped a fella (another time), drunken stonk and all, however, I was wondering why he had such great skin! Got back to his place, bathroom was full of girly skin toners etc. Cracking night, blind drunk! Woke up the next morning and rolled out off bed to pick my bra up, however, it was too small for mine, then I spotted some boots, the 3 inche high type 8O I then attempted to creep out, thinking I thought what I had been doing until a very soft voice spoke from the bed! It wasn't a lad I had gone home with but a lass!!

    Edited: Said bloke read and was happy!
  15. Gentlemen, a word of caution,be careful what you say, for it could possibly be one of the `ladies`reading this forum, that caused your early morning flight back to your ship.(who can be sure in this cyber age?)
  16. Come on hig, spill the beans will you! What are you, a man or a mouse??
  17. Talks Cheap.
  18. went drinking in Glasgow once, copped off with a wee thing that turned out to be filthy.

    back at hers she excused herself to brush her teeth, they had a strange coating on them.

    came back in and i procedded to maul her.

    few minutes later the light flicked on and she's stood there screaming what the fukc are you doing with my ma?

    blind drunk, bad lighting and horn. bad combination.

    and can you believe she refused to go two's up with her ma?
  19. Its only my opinion, but i think Veronica is fishing for the guy who puked when she tried to kiss him goodbye in the morning.
  20. Wan't in a Dutch Fishing Village/town called Tuinoizen. (spelling) was it?coz if it was I've been there too.
    So did half the crew on the Bulldog, well she didn't say no, did she!

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