would you go back ??


i did ten years in the mob and came out in 95 . knowing what you know now , would you have still gone outside?? , and would you go back now given the choice.

my answer is NO and NO what about you boys? :?:


The only thing I miss about the Mob is the social and camaraderie aspects. I left in 97 after 23 years, and have never looked back. I would never go back in voluntarily, though still have 5 years left on FSR


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If it wasnt for my chronic sea sickness (god how embarrassing :oops: )

I would NEVER have left. Even contemplated signing back up before I started uni, but just couldnt stomach the thought of having to suffer from the sea sickness again!!!!!!!

Ill always have happy memories of the RN. :lol:
You never really leave, you can take the man out of the Andrew... etc etc

Why else would this website be so popular?!


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Yes! I'll second that Wiggy, but, having been outside for 32 years I don't think I'd be a lot of use now - I have enough difficulty keeping myself upright on dry land.

Don't regret joining.

Don't regret leaving either tho!

Don't miss scrubbing flats or some of the first class throbbers that hide in the mob that would be sacked / punched in civvy street.

Do miss getting paid to be drunk around the world.
With hindsight I regret leaving and wished I had stayed for my 22. As I left 34 years ago I would fail my RNFT, which was not an option in my day as it did not exist.

If I had remained and left in 1986 or shortly after perhaps I would have done the 82 trip to the South Atlantic on a boat. With luck made CPO Seaman Branch may have transferred to Golly as that was the up and coming thing in which I had great interest. Avoided service on Bombers. Possibly made Coxswain or PRI

Would have got deep in the shit for refusing to address any Warranted Officer as "Sir" as I did in 63 in Borneo with a Brown Job.

Would have been divorced by 1986.



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Done 25 years and loved every minute of it..well almost.(Came out in '86)You have the good with the bad, but would recommend joining to anyone. Of course saying that, things arent the same now (obviously) as i've found out on this Forum, but "my" time was good. Too old now to be thinking about standing on a heaving deck, but bring back the tot and I may consider joining again!!!


Invalided out in 1991 after 14 years, having signed on for 22.

Now been out for 16 years and would go back tomorrow, (Wife would not like it) even as a steward, felt I had not finished what I set out too do when I was invalided.

Brother did 26 years came out 5 months ago and loves to rub my nose in it.


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Still there, doing the job after 25 years. No better at it, still humbled by those that went before. If I could have my life again, I'd do the same, but probably be a 'Woo' next time if only to have a stress free life & the extraordinarily long weekends off.
Did 27 years to count and the extra two years as a junior .

Enjoyed it----had no regrets .

However I think when it was time for out I had had enough -- the job was becoming boring .

Never really looked back -got a job on my terminal leave and am now
fully retired.

I do miss the cameraderie ----however now I'm in a few Associations and of course RR it keeps me going.


I'm glad i joined and glad i left.

It helps you get a job in civi street. Personaly i have never been unemployed since i left Xmas 97.


Thought about going back during my first year as a civvie.
Sometimes regret it then I look at my two wonderful kids and realise I couldn't leave them for 6 months at a time ( and the wife).
I take my hat off to the lads and lassies that do it, they have my utmost respect. My lad is 15 now and I'm hoping he will follow his old mans and granddads footsteps and join the mob.


The deciding factor against staying in was the response from my Daughters on returning from a foreign draft, it took quite some time for them to accept me.
In my time a foreign draft was for 18 months, Married accompanied was 30 months the 18 month absence was a rather long stint for a 5 year old and a 3 year old.
So reluctantly I finished after my 12, I have met and worked with some really decent types but none compare with the comradeship in the Andrew.


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I enjoyed my time in the RN until I took professional qualifications. I was too old to go mechanician route and didn't have enough time to get rated CPO. So I left with no regrets, however I spent the next seven years as a field engineer with BAe naval weapons division. This meant that I still went to sea and mixed with Jack. An easy transition.


I must admit during the first 6months of leaving and four jobs already under my belt I did wonder what the hell I had let myself in for. Im now very settled in what i do and am very happy so can not really see me going back, Although the lads and laughter are something i think i will always miss


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Left in 03, and no regrets. Yes I miss the comradery and the mess life, even the warped senses of humour. But a) there was/is too much bullshit and stifling of talent and b) the separation from family would be unbearable. I've now got a little'un and the idea of being away, well, the mind wouldn't be on the job. There have been some positive changes since putting in my notice, but the b***ocks still outweigh the pros.

So I'll hang around in RR and other ex-RN venues to get the fix of oggin-dust and dits.

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