Would you encourage your children to join the current Navy?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by jaggers, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. Or any of the armed forces for that matter?

    I recently bought my son a copy of 'British Warships and Auxillaries' so he can become a ship spotter when he's away on his school sailing trip. I used to buy this book every year when I was his age and I fished out one of my old copies from the attic to contrast them.

    By golly, it's a thin book nowadays! In the 80s we had 3 carriers, 40 Sea Harriers, 40-50 frigates/destroyers, maybe up to a hundred minsweepers, patrol craft etc, 20-30 subs including diesel boats, assault ships. Now I know some would argue that nowadays we don't need loads of mineseepers because the Soviets aren't going to be blockading our ports any time soon and that an Astute class can do many things a Trafalgar can't but you have to wonder where does line lie, how much further can we cut back and still remain credible?

    If my son told me he wanted to join I'm simply not sure I'd approve because I not sure there's really a future or lifelong career in it anymore, I might tell him to get a more certain career and do the RNR on the side
  2. I didn't encourage my kids, but then again I didn't discourage them either. As adults they both said it was the separation factor that put them off. But their mother said the opposite!!!!!!
  3. I just backed both my boys in whatever they wanted to do, I never directed them either way, the eldest did 6 years in the mob then binned it.
  4. Seperation factor is one of the reasons I left, I'd seen so many people get divorced and I didn't think it was fair to ask my wife to kick around Helensbrugh and places whilst I'm away for months at a time. And I left the police when we started having kids for the same reasons.
    As a guy in my early 20s though it wasn't a factor at all and that's not what I would worry about with my son, it's more I can't see him having the same opportunities as my generation did in the service and the old sweats THEN told us things weren't what they used to be, gazing nostalgically at frigate row in Guz and telling us how it used to be piled 3 deep with Amazons and Leanders
  5. Yeah, I think that will be my attitude too. Can I ask WHY he binned it?
  6. Not so much of the old sweats TVM, I can remember that!!
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  7. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    "British Warships & Auxiliaries" By Mike Critchley, I was given a 1981 copy at Christmas by our COS in the "not so" secret santa. Lots of ships and oddly someone had pencilled through some of them....

    Anyway, on thread, I perhaps wouldn't overly encourage but I certainly wouldn't try to stop them. No matter how the Navy has changed in my time and I can see further changes, for the vast majority it's still a great career option, the salary is fine, the benefits (reducing) are still great and you get experiences you generally won't in a bog civvy job.

    I suppose ultimately it will all depend on the economic situation at the time and how the child is thinking/prepared for life. I'll let you know in 6-8 years!
  8. I actually went there a couple of years back and the only ships present were the 4 Type 22 Batch 3s. Great ships in their time, incorporating all the lessons from the Falklands but a sad sight with all their anti-radar paint stripped away awaiting scrapping if we couldn't flog them to someone
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  9. No such thing as Frigate Ally now, it's Amphib Ally for HMS' Bulwark and Ocean plus landing craft when units from Poole move there later this year to RM Devonport

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  10. Back aft on a long-gone grey thing.


    First one to name it (without turning the photo over) gets a lifelong supply of pussers hard.
  11. Consults his copy of 'British Warships and Auxillaries' 1981. I'm going to say a Leander or a Rothesay as I think what is on the right is a depth charge mortar
  12. Irish (hint)
  13. Well she's not the Antrim as she would have the Sea Slug launcher and she sure as hell isn't the Belfast so I'll go with the lovely Londonderry which is a Rothsey and would have a depth charge mortar and helipad
  14. I name it "sack'o'shite". The dabbers have been loafing by the look of things.
  15. No, Nope, negative, and NEIN!
  16. Maybe a type 14 frig.
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Type 15,,,,,,,,,,,
  18. Looks like the Ulster.
  19. BZ that man.
  20. You'll have to include instructions if you're giving soap to Rummers.

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