Would you do it again?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by bigbubble, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. Hi everyone, bit of a generic question but I'm looking at joining the Submarine Service and would like to get some opinions from ex/serving submariners on whether you would do it all again? Cheers
  2. Stupid question ----- of course, especially with what I know now!
  3. What do you know now?
  4. Yes, in a heartbeat!

    Jacky bastard me!
  5. F*ck it. Why not? I would however, save more money and would now be
    slightyly more minted than the average Big Issue seller.

    Hindsight is a load of bollocks.

  6. I met a few guys who were joining and they all seemed to have jobs they didn't like and that paid crap money. I love my civvy job and the money is a lot better than I would get in the submarine service but I'm pretty sure its what I want to do.
  7. Yes I would, but probably do some things differently with assistance of Billy's bollocks.
  8. Whoops.

    Thanks for that....ohhhh! - and I would d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y go back and use that f***ing hindsight bollocks
    and NOT get rat-arsed and volunteer to have a "one-off" tattoo done when I'm in an alcoholic coma.

    Its arse gets bigger'n'bigger with the passing of the years:-

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  9. What did you do Wrecker and what would you have done? I was looking at WS(T) but was worried it could get monotonous if it's effectively just staring at a screen all day
  10. Well I wouldn't fancy 27 years as a skimmer or a target, having said that I spent 14 years in boats and the rest in GS. Boats definately came out on top. Especially my time in diesel boats, they were the hight of my naval career. But as Mrs PT said "you can't get much lower". Needless to say she prefared in Gens, that way she knew fairly much were I was. But luckerly not what I was up to.
  11. I ended up an MEA(LSM), I might not have spent my first 6 years getting completely bladdered and acting the big OD, shagging anything (female) with a pulse before going for my hook, but there again I enjoyed every run ashore, foreign and domestic.
  12. I would like to say with hind sight I would do I differently I enjoyed most of my time so probably would not change any thing
    Those that stay till pension will have good and bad times, most seem to enjoy first bit socially then wake up or sober up and knuckle down for a career, the last bit is their best professional bit or hanging on for pension
  13. If we are talking hindsight, the only thing I would have done is gone SD - but only 'cos I'd now be on a much, much better pension. I'd only have needed to do the last 4 years in the bun run and even I could have blagged that!

    But, as already said, apart from that I don't regret a moment! (Bugis St, Rainbow Bar, Texas Bar, Hole in the Wall and even Diamond Lil's!)
  14. There is, in my estimation, two questions here.
    Would you do it again, meaning would you go back to the day you joined the 'mob' and re live it.
    Would you do it again, meaning if I were 16 would I join todays Navy.
    Well the answer to the first question is yes probably, ermmm no, yes definately wih some minor adjustments like join boats earlier in my career got my finger out and instead of passing my PPE for LEM at 20 and becoming a no badge LEM leaving it for seven years before passing my PPE for POCEL (too much Far East time Tiger and girlies with slanty eyes and frocks with a slits up the side!!) Taken my PPE for PO sooner and perhaps gone thru for Mech.

    Answer to question two No!! I wouldn't join todays RN its pants. The uniform is crap, boats are crap no diesels and to top it all they are going to allow birds on boats.
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  15. These days I have enough difficulty doing it the first time, never mind about again.:oops:

  16. Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm still undecided whether it's for me or not but your opinions have certainly helped. Please continue to post if you have anything else to add about your time in the 'mob' which would be useful to potential recruits. Cheers.
  17. If you have doubts, don't bother applying. Queue is long enough already with people who have set their sights on joining.

    But if you do actually develop a burning desire to join up, by all means put yourself forward, but expect to have your motivation tested.
  18. We wouldn't have you. We don't have room for whining, misogynistic passengers.

    OP. If you want to do it, go for it. Contrary to what the old farts believe, todays Navy is still a great place and offers a challenging and rewarding career with a very generous wage and benefits. The worst that can happen is you'll spend 4 years earning money to spunk up the wall every night pissing around before leaving having had the experience. You may, like me suddenly realise that you've seen those initial four years come and go and before you realise it you have a career you enjoy with an excellent wage, a healthy pension, a rack of qualifications and incredible experiences you didn't start with.

    In my opinion, the feeling that you've wasted four years of your life will never outweigh the lifetime of regrets at never giving it a go.

    "I wish I'd joined up" Is far more common a phrase heard across the land than "I gave the miltary a go, it was bullshit."
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  19. Question. If all your above is true why wouldn't you encourage your own kids to join.
    Do you know the OP and dislike him?:laughing6:
  20. Because my own kids can do what they want, if they brought it up and mentioned they were thinking about it then I wouldn't deter them and would give them all the direction and encouragement I could.

    If they wish to do something else, they can. I'm not in the pushy parent club.

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