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Would You Confront A Thug...??

Kids seem to grow up quicker these days or is it that they are just more aware of their 'rights'. Either way, why do we still protect their names until they are 17yr(?) why not release their names at 14yr, they obviously realise what they are doing at that age. Not that I think naming them would be much of a deterant.

Also as so many others have said, jail time should be hard time, at least at the start. Any and All privileges should have to be earned. A couple of months having to get up at 630am, run round a cold exercise yard, then have a cold shower before a basic breakfast. would make the little bu**ers sit up and take notice. But its no more than many law abiding young men had to do, in the days of National Service, ask any guy 70/80yr old.

Its a sobering thought that vicious criminals get treated better in prison now than we treated our young soldiers just a few short years ago.

Its no wonder young criminals so often re-offend. The first duty of prison should be to punish, then as they earn it you give the cons rehabilitation

I would stand up to a thug but why should we have to do the work for the police?
if you stand up to a thug in the street your not being brave your just being stupid, if you touch them then its a sure thing that your going to end up in trouble not the thug!!
Thugs don't care about being arrested anyway, they just get a slap on the wrist then they are back on the streets attacking people!!
I agree with David Cameron, bring on some sort of national service!!!


War Hero
I am against any form of national service. We have an all volunteer military and that is the way it should remain.
What I am for is a return to the old style Borstals, I bet after a spell in one of those many would think twice about re offending


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In answer to the thread question, I would (and have to) confront a thug. It's my job (providing I exercise my powers in accordance with the letter of the law).

And there's the rub. Problems occur when members of the public take matters into their own hands with little or no regard of what the law allows/requires them to do.


I would love to see the look on some of their faces in a real "that's not a knife, this is a knife" situation. I bet they would need to change their underware.


I agree 100% with your sentiments regarding punishment and not rehabilitation. I do not necessarily think that national service would sort the youths out, little chavs would love the chance to go slotting Terry. Besides what skills would we be giving them, at a time where gun crime is so high, do we really want to be teaching them effective marksmanship? On the one hand I think; yes, national service would reduce gun crime, but on the other what if it doesn’t. We will have turned them into fit (so fit Plod can’t catch them) effective killers.

I think we should change the law to favour the victims and not the offenders. When I was sixteen I was travelling home from football training one night and I saw four lads trying to force this teenage girl into their car. Naturally, being sixteen and brought up properly I got involved. After a short struggle she escaped, I then had to use what I deemed reasonable force to protect myself and to cover her escape. A short while the police arrived, disregarded everything she said, rubbished her without giving it a second thought as she had only minor injuries and it was me who ended up in the dock. Thankfully I had a good brief and walked, but it disgusts me that the Law treats victims this way. People blame the plod but in reality they can only work within the law, the Law makers want to get out into the real world once and a while.

Actually, on second thoughts if these chavvies could shoot maybe innocent bystanders would stop getting killed.


War Hero
Some years ago, a bunch of toerags thought it was funny to throw rocks through windows in our street on the way back from getting high in the park…

Sure enough, one evening, rock came through our window, me and the wife flew outside… "watcher gonna do abaht it' gobs off the bigger twat… wife twatted him with a pickaxe handle while I played a tune on his mates head with a 3D maglite. Squealed like stuck pigs and cried like babbies. Police turned up and carried them off in the car. They were released without charge and given a lift home by the Police to their mummies as their was 'insufficient evidence' to press charges.

I was informed by the desk Sgt that one of the parents was considering pressing charges for assaulting her little darling… I told him to tell her 'good luck' as I knew were she lived… Oddly enough, she never did press charges and moved within weeks.

The little feral rats that infest our streets are only big in groups, and anyone who grew up in some of the less solubrious parts of the world are seriously underwhelmed by them… they think their hard? They wouldn't last 30 seconds on the Ballyfermot Estate were I spent a section of my youth.

And as the Police have effectively given up any pretence of protecting the public, I take full responsibility for my own protection and ensure I have the means about my person to do so.
I did once stop to speak to a woman who was being hit by a bloke. He told me where to go - I asked her if she wanted me to call the cops and she said no - it was before the days of mobile phones so I'm afraid I didn't :(

Deleted 7

My auntie Rita (crazy paddy), confronted a thug once.

Walking down an alley in Harlesden (middlex), right rough place, a mugger comes up to her. Without flinching, she turns to the guy and says;

'The hospital's down the road, you'll be there if you don't fcuk off' (lifting her handbag, that contains a lovely brick in it, I ain't joking).

The guy didn't believe her, he went to hit her and she walloped him round the grid.....................he actually did end up in hospital.

btw, she was 64 then :thumright:


War Hero
I have on occasion confronted thugs but it is a risky business these days. The real problems are the kids. They know the law is on their side and that they can basically do pretty much whatever they like and get away without so much as a slap on the wrist.

If they are convicted (assuming it makes it to trial) they're most likely to end up with a caution, community service or some other pathetic sentence. On the other hand if you intervene to protect yourself, your family or your property then you can stand by because you can expect to face charges yourself as, after all, they're probably minors so you're stuffed either way.

There simply is no deterrent these days especially when many parents care little about what they're up to.

Great Britain??? Don't think so.



War Hero
If they threatened any member of my family, without hesitation or restraint. I did confront a few herberts a couple of weeks back, but only after the lad next door came down with me - these little toerags are basically relying on you backing down - when you don't, they seem to have either a lack of bottle, or a modicum of sense. Think hard before you do anything - these little scrotes are more aware of the law than you are, and know it.
Yes I would confront a thug-------

and I have ----- and there wasn't any problems afterwards .

Only snag is that the ''thugs '' are sometimes fuelled up on whatever is doing the rounds as a cheap fast trip .

So my advice is that unless you are really confident in your abilities of
self defence and dirty fighting then try not to get involved.
Walk away

:nemo: :nemo:
As a teacher of hooligans I have had teenagers punch, kick and stick the nut on me. With blood pouring out of my nose I have said, 'Next time, I will defend myself.' They then usually swear and try to throw a chair out of the window :)
I think you have too now otherwise they just keep getting away with it.
Strange how they back down when challanged,something to do with losing face in front of their peers.


War Hero
Whilst agreeing that thugs/gangsta wannabes/chavs need sorting an ongoing case in New Zealand highlights the dangers of dealing with the little sh!ts.

Basically, a 50 year old business man, whilst attempting to stop a 15 year old youth and his mates tagging a neighbours property ended up stabbing the vandal and is now facing murder charges.
Tagging/vandalism is now a hot topic, as it has seriously affected a middle class white NZer and talkback radio has been going mental.
Zero tolerance now the flavour of the month, with massive fines, up to $2,000 for each offence (Which the Hooded ones are going to pay, yeah right!!) and community service cleaning their mess up (which they won't turn to for), so it's going to be a merry go round of courts, community service, courts etc etc...prison.
I think the solution may be rigid enforcement, the fines aren't going to be paid so forget that, just make 'em do menial cleaning jobs, 1st time they don't show, double the sentence, next time convert sentence to Youth Custody in a seperate Youth Wing of an Adult Prison with strict rules no TV, iPOds or games systems just work parties and education in the evenings.
Spend a few $ now and save millions in the future.


All the posts in this thread are, unfortunately, a sad indictment of the society we have the misfortune to find ourselves living in.

We should, collectively, stand up to thuggery and anti social behaviour, but only as far as the law will allow. In answer to Sgt Pepper, I quote Section 3 of the Criminal Law Act 1963. " A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime, in the arrest, or assisting in the arrest of an offender, or in the apprehension of a person unlawfully at large, etc, etc"

That, folks, means force up to and including, the taking of a life.


I would like to think I would , little fxxxxxxxg shitheads wind me up no end , parents just as bad as them if not worse , this country has sank the depths & will never get back to a decent society that we expect & deserve , to many idiot do gooders , no idea have they got , boneheads the bloody lot of them .
Would I confront a thug?
Yes absolutely, these people rely on people not challenging their actions; any kind of reaction would probably put them off there guard in any case.


Lantern Swinger
I agree with national service! Sort the little thugs out =]

I wouldnt confornt them no... they kinda scare me, although I nearly started shouting at some guy for causing arguments in the pub earlya.

If there is more then one i back away, if theres one theyr nothing lol


I have logged under a new name to respond to this question as I don't want to be associated with it.

We had a spate of wing mirror breakages which on one occasion resulted in every mirror on every car in the street being broken one particular night.
This was witnessed by a neighbour who was looking out of his window at the time. On previous occassions he had filmed this scrote actually ripping off mirrors, a despite showing this to the police, they said there was not enough evidence.

One night he asked me to go along with him and we followed the scrote to his home, on the driveway was a nice shiney Peugeot and no we didn't break the mirrors, my neighbour took two tins out of his pockets and poured brake fluid and paint stripper all over his fathers car.

We drove by the next day and the car was in a right mess. We hoped it was a case of like father like son and he wouldn't have any insurance to pay for it which might have been the case as the car was in that state for over a month before it dissappeared.

There has never been a car on his drive since and it was a couple of years ago now.

Irrespective of the right or wrong, revenge was awfully sweet.


It can be dangerous to stand up to a "thug" these days and people are so scared of them if you do then they get worried. I went out for a few pints tonight my first night out since new years eve and my friend was threatened and he is only a little lad he was terrified. I tried to confront the thug (not violently im not a nutter) and the landlord of the pub threatened to kick me out! Turns out this little bastard is friends with the landlords son! I wont be drinking there again thats for sure!

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