Would "Wilson" of the wizard faled a drug test???

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by jesse, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. Remember Wilson ,the 200 year old wonder athlete from the Wizard? He ran 3 minute miles did 60 yard long jumps[once carrying an injured oppo] He wore a one piece running costume.[What goes around comes around eh!] He lived in the open on 't moors all year round on a diet of nuts and "Herbs!" Climbed Everest without Oxygen and ran one hour marathons. I think that today he may have had a bit of bother with a drug test!
  2. I certainly FAILED the spelling in the title.
  3. No cos Alf Tupper "The tough of the Track" in the Adventure would have punched his lights out if he hadcought him cheating:happy2:
  4. They aren't real ffs. They are the made-up, fictional, wild imaginings from some graphic artist's festering, rambling and demented brain.

    You'll be suggesting next that Desperate Dan's cow pie was spiked.

    slim Space between had and cought, and spell cought with a 'a' not an 'o'.

    The temperature is 37°C outside and I'm stuck indoors and getting bored.

  5. They are real if you don't watch your step I'll send my dad round to beat up your dad!
  6. He'll have a job, dad's dead and if he wasn't he'd be 97 and that is just not sporting.
  7. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    England could certainly do with 'Limp along leslie' in the team.
  8. You fuckin liar they were all in colour so there.
  9. So is mine but that won't stop him! Like Rumers said they were in colour so have to be true
  10. Nice one Slim 'blind' Alf Tupper punching some sighted blokes lights out.
  11. My old wardroom, especialy the CO would have failed the drug test. They were all off their tits.

  12. Hardly Technicolor

  13. Not brilliant true, but still colour so therefor true. Simples.
  14. I think he had a engineering job, he’d be up all night on something that had to finished for the next day, then in the morning he wouldn’t be able to get his head down for some reason or other, he’d have fish and chips on his way to a meet which he would complete in working boots and an old vest, a scruffy ill-educated individual who never seemed to learn from his mistakes, but that’s wreckerl, for you, no wonder Rumrat takes the piss out of him so much.
  15. I'll have you know I'm a professashnial (and I used to go to inboard meetings in manky 8's, got told to thin out by the boss once 'cos I turned up in ovies :cool:)

    Rummers only takes the piss 'cos he's secretly jealous of me and a little in awe. But that's because he's :glasses4:
  16. :violent2: Le ts get this bastrard straight o.k.! Wlison, Alf Tupper, Limpalong Leslie, Roy of the Rovers, Lanky Hutton,Braddock,Rockfast Rogan, The Wolf of Kabul, Captain Hurricane, Union Jack Jackson, The Boxing Bluejacket,;-Are all ******* real O.K.:evil: and immortal . When Elvis finishes his shift at the Bull Ring Chippy Saint Johns Worcester we all meet up at the Manor Farm, Malvern Road , for a few wets and the big eats.:eek:ccasion1:
  17. Hair Hair.:rr:
  18. Is Captain Hurricane still in the mob or has he retired?
    He was a real hero.

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