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With this on my records, would I be eligible to join any of the uk armed forces in 3 years time?

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  • Most likely not

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Seen my GP last February after my dad passed away unexpectedly and was prescribed Sertraline as treatment and attendence of a weekly stress control program. I'd say my episode was mild not that severe as it wasn't impacting my abilities for more than a week prior to seeking treatment, once I started, I was doing okay within a month. My first prescription lasted a month and I was told to see him again to see how my body took the medication and whether other ones would be suitable, but I was quite busy and forgot to book an appointment until about a month or two later and was fine. On the next appointment I didnt think the meds did much or changed or alter anything for me and and I assumed I may have needed a different medication that doesn't just affect your brains serotonin levels but maybe dopamine too, my gp then gave me the choice to try Zispin so I gave it a shot. Didn't feel much different from that either other than being knocked out at night cause of the sedatives. Lastly, I went and switched back to Sertraline just because I thought it was the orthodox medication to use and perhaps a higher dose would have an affect but by this time I think I've realised that I dont really need them and I was just sort of taking them to be on the safe side. I perhaps blew my perception of the episode out of proportion when in all honestly it was just a rough few weeks. Since I'm generally not much of a urgent guy and quite non reactive in general I thought that was because of the depression hence I persisted in treatment. So in summary I've sort of been on and off treatment for just less than a year now but am off the meds completely and will be speaking to my gp about it properly as my appointments have been really brief. From my perspective I think I only experienced depressive or stress related symptoms for about less than month or two which was noticably unhealthy for myself but the rest of the time I'd say I was clear, if I'm wrong about that then I know at most the whole experience was mild. I was wondering if examined by a doc or triage nurse, would this episode thats on my records be considered as a "severe, persistent, recurring" episode or just a single "mild/moderate" one? I wanted to confirm as far as I'm aware now any episode that exceeds 12 weeks is apparently severe right? And anything less is mild. I initially thought the judgement of the severity of the episode would be based on the severity of the symptoms of the episode, but after reading on the forum someone said anything thats treated for more than 12 weeks is severe? Even if symptoms are mild or barely present. Any severe depressive episode according to the JSP950 is graded S8 which is permenently unfit for service (bar) and a single mild/moderate episode from where you're 2 years symptom and treatment free is where you can be graded S2 with an excemption to the bar. At the same I did also read somewhere in the guidance notes that if you experience an episode due to a significant life stressor and that one lasts less than a year then you can be excempt so long as youre two years in the clear? So I'm puzzled which one between those two are used in the medical since an episode caused by a life stressor that lasts around a year would be considered a severe episode I assume? Any in depth insight and clarity into this would be much appreciated :)


You need to be off Sertraline or any antidepressant for two years.

Your situation sounds more like an adjustment disorder and as such SHOULD be scaled back to one year clear of medication


Oh, so you're not a doctor yourself? Apologies, my mistake.

Thought you were being pedantic smart arse first time round and this confirms it.

Obviously he needs to speak to his AFCO (like most enquiries on here) but I've had a similar issue to him so wanted to give him my experience not expertise.

I'm sure he appreciates your helpful input


Book Reviewer
^It's better if you say I'm not medically qualified but I had this problem myself. It lets people know how much notice they should take of the advice. There have been instances on this site where bad advice has been given.


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Thought you were being pedantic smart arse first time round and this confirms it.

Obviously he needs to speak to his AFCO (like most enquiries on here) but I've had a similar issue to him so wanted to give him my experience not expertise.

I'm sure he appreciates your helpful input
Take your head for a shit. Don't come on here doling out medical advice you're not qualified to give.


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Wind it in mate. Fair point well made Janner by the way
Perhaps I should have said it nicely, then you wouldn't have got all offended. After all it's only somebody's life (not yours) we're talking about. The OP needs to get qualified medical advice and also needs to learn to manage expectations. You haven't helped with either.
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