Would this be frowned upon?


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I guess it would be but I've got one very frustrated Junior on my hands at the mo!

Junior wants to join the FAA - knows the requirements etc - but it seems his application is being mucked about.

After sending in his medical questionnaire back in January, he phoned the Office and was told that a medical had been booked for him - even though he hasn't sat any RTs or completed an aplication form. He was assured that even though he hadn't sat his RTs it would be OK.

Turns up for medical only to be told as he hasn't sat his RTs he couldn't have his medical and that it was cancelled a few days ago. Didn't let him know though

He has now a date for his RTs but is becoming very disillustioned so has started looking at the Army Air Corps - but is it bad form to be doing this - and if so what can he do to try and sort out the way his application seems to be progressing?
Sounds like a perfect example of communication breakdown somewhere in the system.

You say he has a new date booked for his RT?

Get him to do his RT and see how that goes, that will get him back on track with the correct schedule.

If he/you still feels he has problems, then come back again, after the RT.


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Is he applying for aircrew? I sat my FATs with an Army applicant at Cranwell not too long ago and the AAC can only be an optional regiment choice when applying for the Army, and you still have to do a detachment with a regiment, including a tour before you can start training with AAC - given you pass aptitude testing and grading at Middle Wallop first. Please do correct me if I am wrong anyone but this is what was mentioned to me by someone about to start sandhurst who was interested in AAC.


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He doesn't seem to be having much luck to date going by previous omissions with regard the selection process. The selection process has changed several times for Officers in recent months & unfortunately things occasionally go awry. It maybe worth him ringing the AFCO and asking to speak to a Careers Adviser direct, to clarify the issue - bearing in mind it is he who intends to join.

Generally AFCOs may have loan ratings temporarily working on reception duties - they do not undergo formal careers training as more often than not they are only there for a few weeks at most. We employ people in this position because a young joiner would usually rather speak to a young serviceman/women than an older fully trained Careers Adviser initially. The price of changing the selection process every ten minutes is that mistakes can and unfortunately do happen.

The Flying Aptitude Tests, if he gets that far, are transferable between the services however whilst RN & RAF include a fast jet element, it maybe the case that the Army don't, but a high Army aptitude score could point toward fast jet capability in addition to rotary wing. The FATs (as we call them) are now only valid for 12 months & need to be valid upon entry.

If he's become disillusioned with the Royal Navy, then perhaps a change of tack maybe the way forward, bearing in mind that the flying aptitude tests are transferable.


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You're right he doesn't seem to have much luck !

I think what is frustrating him is that whilst he may not have been able to take the medical, it would have been nice (or good manners!) if someone could have made a 5 minute phone call or dropped him an email to tell him as soon as they realised. As mentioned he does have a date for his RTs so hopefully we'll get back on track.

He does plan on speaking to his AFCO tomorrow (I'm a cruel mummy, I let him fight his own battles,lol!) but given the fact that he hasn't completed an application form will this be another stumbling block???

He appreciates that things do go wrong occasional but his experience to date seems to have been a comedy of errors so far; as for becoming disillustioned with the Navy I don't think its so much that but he's frustrated that he's got practically no where with his application through no fault of his own......but as I've told him that's life!
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