would joining the navy police be a good career choice?


War Hero
Good choice? No one can really answer as it is a matter of opinion
Away long periods? Probably...but not for your whole career


War Hero
Can you read or write, or unusually, both?

Do you currently have any friends?

Would you like to continue having friends?

Other NP don't count as friends, as they would stab you in the back and clamber over your still twitching body in order to advance themself or get brownie points.

Would you eventually like to be called 'Master'...........?


War Hero
I wouldn't let my sister marry one, never met a good in 26 years, but met some great Coxswains who doubled up as a reggie.


War Hero
'Joss' and 'great guy' - not words normally found in the same sentence.

Unless possibly you are a new baby Reg just out the box........

For some reason this one was different, we had a fantastic skipper Tony Wigley.Between him and the Joss any peccadillos were sorted out internally. First time I have been on a ship which issued Nil punishment returns. :)