Would I be any good to the SCC?

Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by ajmarson, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. Hey all, first post.

    I've just finished my third year in the URNU (possibly 2 more to go if bursary application is successful) and since im not doing much for the summer I wondered if it was worth contacting my local sea cadet unit to see if i could help out in any way? My uni is a long way from home and i dont want them to think im messing them about by only showing up for 2 months and then disappearing until christmas.
  2. They'll probably be pleased to see you; the SCC units I've helped out at have always been happy to have people come down (thought it's good to give them fair warning of dates etc. so they know when to use you). If you can do the whole two months then I expect they'll be glad to see you, especially with more outdoor activities in the summer etc.
  3. It's always worthwhile, gives the lads and lasses wider experience and the benefits of improving their education. I'm sure they'll be glad to have you onboard if only for a couple of months.

    Edit to say Welcome :wink:
  4. I fail to see the harm in that. The Cadet Forces advertise themselves to potential AIs on that specific basis anyway.

    As long as the cadets benefit that's all that matters.
  5. AJ

    Do you have the contact details for your local Sea Cadets?
  6. Well this is what I was getting at, whether the effort of getting me set up on their part was worth what I could do for them. Im not sticking in a token effort to put on any CV, certainly if i only did it for 9 weeks i wouldn't have the front to put it on there. My AIB is in six weeks but i assure you this isnt some last ditch attempt to impress the board. Its more as i dont want to be idle over the summer and given my interests and plans for the future this was one option i was cultivating. Ive no desire to be a big timer or undesirable, apologies if thats how it seems.
  7. Try cutting him some slack...Not all are trying to pad out CV's, some have a genuine desire to help QED
  8. Find a unit, state your case and availablity to the CO and learn from your time there.

    Last year we had a young lad at our SCC unit who was waiting to do his AIB. He approached me outlining his plans, he had no hidden agenda, I had extra help for a few months and he ticked a few boxes. A win-win situation.
    A good lad and he passed his AIB...!

    Incidently, as long as your supervised you shouldn't need to be CRB'd
  9. In the SCC you only technically need to be CRBd if you have unsupervised access with the cadets, however realistically you WILL be CRBd regardless of contact, so expect this. If you're planning on attending during university vacations then you'll be registered as a Civilian Instructor (CI) and as long as you don't have previous sea cadet experience you'll be able to attend in your Mid rank slides/uniform. If you have been a sea cadet in the past, protocol is slightly different.

    Incidentally I'm an URNU Midshipman, and I help out at a Sea Cadet unit one night a week, and twice a week during uni holidays. I', the Training Officer of the cadet unit, and have never had any problems with this arrangement.

    Ignore any hostility shown here, your help will be greatly appreciated, and it's well worth you doing it. And who cares if it goes on your CV?! As long as you put your heart into the work you do whilst you're there then that's all that counts.

    Nice one for wanting to make an effort!
  10. Hi aj

    The SCC, including supernumeraries such as you could become, inspired me to begin a rewarding RN career of 33 years.

    Hark, too, to the suspicious detractors; because they will help you to understand that, for contrast, every big picture is coloured with some dark patches.

    In short - go for it!

  11. I should welcome you with open arms .anything you can do to help these young ones must be good as well.They put their heart and soul into its great to see
  12. Well you've just quite clearly demonstrated you know sweet FA about what you're talking about, haven't you?

    Most good SCC units have a timetable in place for how they're going to progress the syllabus. Naturally this can be more or less flexible, but the fact that it's so is why I advised him to contact the unit with details of dates so they could best make use of him. Most URNU students could teach a good range of stuff on the various workbooks, and simply as an extra body are usually welcome. In the end it's down to the CO. If they're short-handed and could use some help, he'll be a benefit to them. Even if they're not short-handed, they might need him to do anything from drill, to nav, to dogsbody stuff as cover when current specialist AIs go on holiday (not unheard of in the summer).

    As already stated, he won't need to be CRBed unless he works with children unsupervised. Which he won't. So that's a load of guff about clearance.

    Oh and yes, the Sea Cadet Corps - i.e. the people who actually know what they're talking about - have a specific provision in their regulations to allow URNU members to do precisely what he's doing.

    And if at the end of that they're happy with him and he's happy with them he can bang it on his CV. God forbid someone would want to do something that is both useful to the community and themselves in an era when the economy is on its arse and every line on the CV counts.

    I love RR. Only on here could you get perpetual whinging about chavs and layabouts and then - when someone shows an inclination to get off their arse - see them slammed round the houses by some old, crusty fart. Is right.
  13. No CO is going to turn down extra help. Every unit needs as much input as possible, and having young instructors brings life into the unit.

    You'll have great fun!

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