Would a part time government work?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by labrum, Jul 16, 2011.

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  1. A further article on the increase in plan to cut regular numbers and increase reservists:

    BBC News - Army may face cuts to fund TA reservists

    Points in no particular order:

    1. The make the reserves "more professional" features - would love to know what this means / see the master plan to achieve this
    2. No mention of the RMR when the reserves are listed in the article - I suppose they should be grateful for the reference further down the piece when "maritime forces" are mentioned.
    3. The genius of a Deputy Political Editor who wrote this raises no issues in terms of operational capability or sustainability and no criticism of the motivation for the cuts. He even lines up the shot but doesn't pull the trigger ("Any further cuts in the regular army - to help pay for increasing the reserves - would begin only after combat troops have left Afghanistan in 2015.") Off course when HERRICK ends we'll never go to war again. That Deputy Editor course must be challenging...
    Perhaps we should consider changing the balance of full time / part time in central government; after all we seem to manage ok with such arrangements for local government...
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  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'm hearing you brother, think like a bean counter. If you've got reservists you dont have to feed and bed them between ops. You dont have the same level of "duty of care" as you do with a regular, they arn't going to have the same level of wear and tear on everything from everyday work uniform to transport vehicles. They cost less to maintain. An accountants wet dream.

    Politicians, I thought they were part time anyway?
  3. Similar article in the Torygraph only mentions the TA and the Army! At least this chap mentions some others.

    As for part time MPs are already, they're just not paid that way. I suppose their pensions are deserved though no RPI, CPI nonsense for them, just keep the best of everything. Fekkers.
  4. This is a good thing, having the RNR mentioned or even seen in public is a source of great national embarrasment. It's for the best if we simply keep schtum about the fat, dirty, manking, socially inadequate spazzers.
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    *snigger* I just wee'd a bit laughing......
  6. Indeed, way back when in the mists of time (1989) when I was a nod the figure quoted, levels of training apart, was that getting a reservist to pass out cost 1/15th of what it cost to get a regular a green lid. Slash and burn, slash and burn...
  7. He he. :laughing2:(Does face wipe mood change thing.) Naughty step young man......Nah, can't control it...He he he.:slow:

    On thread I thought the Government were part time, God help us all if the State of the Nation is a result of them working their butts off.
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Levels of training mean fcuk all. I've worked with RMR lads that were top draw, also worked with regulars that were fcukin shite and vice a versa. We had a RMR lad dropped into B coy back in the day for 12 months, switched on cookie, a touch into God and all that malarkey when he arrived but that didn't last long.

    In todays climate I'd imagine your avarage RMR Det has a fair amount of combat experiance what with ex regulars joining the RMR and reservists doing tours. I'd hazard a guess it will have more experianced soldiers in it then say a commando unit fighting company that is getting reformed after your usual post deployment bomburst that the drafties are so fond of doing.
  9. You're not wrong; the only issue these days is retention (which is also not mentioned into the article). RMR units are small organisations that rely heavily on a core team of lads working with the PSIs to ensure training is delivered and momentum is built and kept. When these lads get mobilised it can have a significant impact. With the tempo of ops it is a constant balancing act to ensure the unit is functioning and that the Corps's call is answered (to my knowledge the RMR hasn't ever let it down in terms mobilsing lads yet).

    The call out for TELIC nearly buried one particular unit, it was on its uppers for some time and has only just recovered in recent years. Just as the tempo of ops has had its effect on retention is the regular forces the same is true in the reserves. Somebody may correct me as its been a while but I believe call out liability is one year in four and these days it is a year away from career / work rather than the shorter deployments previously used. That's fine as a one off but employers without a supportive attitude don't exactly appreciate losing a lad who is usually one of their better employees for 25% of the time.

    The family / pash issue is one that causes issues too. Of course the fact is that this comes with the job, but the reality is that living two lives takes its toll on realtionships. I recall a particular deployment where the vast majority of the lads that deployed as a formed sub unit ended up being binned by their missus / pash - but - bootnecks will be bootnecks won't they...

    Net result is that lads used to regularly do 10 years plus in the RMR these days those doing more than 10 years now are in a minority. For some time now you are told you will be deployed if you pass out and you can expect to be called out again beyond that within the terms of the Act. This would have been music to the ears of any prospective nod back in the day, it's what you join to do but there's a lot of difference between being a 20 year old student and having family and career responsibilities in your mid to late 20s.

    We are in changing times, the RMR has done a great job of changing with them but it will take some serious leadership at the level of CO upwards to ensure it is sustainably fit for purpose in 10 years time - goose and golden egg springs to mind.
  10. May, Could, Might. Not a single 'will' amongst them.

    All this crap the media comes up with to fill their empty columns is what brings down the moral.

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