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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by froggit, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. I believe that the RTC just north of Edinburgh, is the BEST unit in the UK. I believe this cos they are high profile, Keen and achieve, 2 items on the telly last year, not 10 second ads but major parts of 30 min programmes (all good I Might add) and also were the guard for the Edinburgh Tattoo, supported by one or two others, but mostly the one unit.
    This unit also supplies the majority of the muppets, and muppet trainers. Also the first unit to provide GSSR regional training. The MTO team are also VV active, as are the scab lifters, as was.

    So what do you do to better that.

    Ok come down, intended to promote the positives of RTC's and show them others (NON RNR) the light in the provinces.

    I DO NOT wish this to turn into a slagging match but a discussion of highlights.

    Can you black cat the above??
  2. Quote- Can you black cat the above-Unquote.

    No!! :razz:
  3. That's rather naive.
  4. We held the Only official Jutland 90 celebration on our ship the only one left from Jutland also the second oldest ship afloat to hold a commission. We also exercised our right with a freedom of the city march through the main streets of belfast with a fully armed guard - this might not seem much but remember a few years agowho would have marched anywhere in rig you could have been shot doing this !! Quote me if i'm wrong but we also supplied a few members to your guard for the Edinburgh tattoo so it wasn't soley XXXX.......................and one more thing we officially serve larger measures of gin over here, so some shandy drinkin poofs mightent be able to keep up / handle drinkin pints of it onboard .altho it's a lot cheaper that way :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    our unit has been used by some branches for w/e & regional training alas not GSSR but it's perfect for SPO and boats (we're a ship afloat for God sake)...
  5. Sorry Froggit fogot u where at Jutland :lol: :lol: :lol: only jokin lad
  6. I have to admit that out of the units i have visited and the people i have seen that the two jock units do seem to have the keenest personel in junior rates, officers and more importantly Senior ratings than most other units i've come across. Couple that with very good facilities at their disposal you have the receipe for success.

    The senior rates at those two units seem to make an extra special effort to organise training which is useful. In a lot of cases it doesnt seem to follow the training that the higher echelons think we should be getting but generally common sense is employed and it all makes for successful weekends.

    Calliope are also very good.

    The most disapointing thing is that most of the senior rates at my RTC show absolutley no interest at all. Come to think of it, the same could be said for other ranks/rates.

    Take a look at the attendance list for the midlands training weekend coming up and you'll see exactly what i mean. The unit with the least attendees is the parent unit of the tender unit organising it.

    Thanks for the support guys!!!
  7. Would have been there, but I work weekends! If you could plan them around my days off.....
  8. Will do matey. Note to self, always ensure noemis has sold enough motors during the week so he doesn't have to turn to at the weekend.

    You have to admit mate, its bloody bad form. six people, SIX!!!! Thats all ranks and rates. How sh*te does that look!
  9. Cheers mate, and shite it is!!

    Only struck home the other day whilst on my first aid course, it was the death of the medics branch that killed off the unit, so many people disappeared overnight!
  10. Thanks for your few kind words (mines a Gin).
    So I assume that as very few out there thing good of their unit, that them Jocks (Eastern branch) is the best then
    Unless u know differently
  11. Shame the WUA scores don't reflect this Scottish superiority. I believe the Free Scouse Navy to be still top of the tree in that regard. Please forgive me if I am wrong.
  12. Maybe navalgazer. enjoy your short lived fame untill all the scores are in.
  13. I honestly don't know how the scousers are top of the tree.

    Everthing i hear about them is not particularly complimentary.

    Not stereotypical cars on bricks stuff but general organisation. Again, no first hand experience as such, just the usual viscious rumours (i know, i should know better).

    Apparently, when a commodore visited you guys only managed to muster about 25 junior rates?
  14. I've been a member of three reserve units. Each one has its merits and shortfalls. I can't be arsed with joining in this slanging match.
  15. got to agree shakey, all on same team etc.
  16. Buster CORRECT you and shakey have hit the nail on the head we all drip me more than most but every so often we have to bring out the good or we will look like a bunch of winging twats.
    now whats good in your unit?
  17. In support of EAGLET, i accompanied the Commodore on his last visit. There were far more than 25 ratings, it was very well attended and it is a very switched on unit. with a good CO and excellent Senior Rates. One of the top three in my book.
  18. i think we should all be proud of all our units.

    each has strength not in the unit but the people. We are what make the RNR and glad to see so many people happy to give out the positive vibe about their unit and the RNR in general :cool:

    lets hope that we all feel the same
  19. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Hear, hear!

    I've been at several different units in my RNR career; 3 incarnations of Forward, Sussex, King Alfred, President and Flying Fox. Each unit is different and has its own character, and each unit has its own particular strengths - to indulge in playground games of X is better than Y is pointless and doesn't exactly project the professional image we'd like.
  20. I retract the comment regarding Eaglet, i heard it second hand from an obviously misinfomed collegue.

    In response, i couldn't be prouder of my unit. The people there work their guts out to organise things and make sure thing happen when, where and how they are supposed to. Not having any perminant staff does require a lot more input from the junior, and in some cases very junior ratings.

    We've had people recruiting for days without payment, people offering to pay for their own transport to and from training. The effort made is outstanding.

    If everyone thinks as highly about their unit as i/we do about ours then the RNR as a whole is a very fortunate organisation.

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