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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Desert Rats Loose their tanks due to amalgamation and defence cuts and we arm the Syrians with armoured vehicles....it's a blessing they only have a small naval force as our Foreign Secretary Mr Hague would have given them a couple of Darings and apologised that the carriers were not quite ready for service with the rebel forces as yet. Does anyone else see the irony?
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think that they have picked up on my comments on giving money away and so have now switched to giving material things away hoping that we won't notice.
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  3. Oh it won't be a simple as you imply.

    They may "give" the kit away as part of a deal, but they will need spares and servicing to keep them running in the longer term. And since the new government will be indebted to the assistance of the UK in their time of struggle, maybe they would care to consider replacing all those horrible Russkie bits of kit with some of our own home-grown Gucci kit?

    You have to speculate to accumulate. And since we now seem unable to afford our own manufactured product, we have to consider long term export opportunities. As OCP would say, good business is where you find it!

    A business model that your local dealer would be proud of. Just on an international scale rather than on the street-corner or dingy dive.
  4. Yes very ironic stupid fcuking people who are in charge of defence spending.
  5. Much respect to the Desert Rats, Have had friends who have served with them and as a Tanky myself this news comes as a disappointment.
  6. You've confused me now RDMT, you say you served in a foreign military (implying FFL as you speak French and lived in France for 5 years) and the RN Reserves, now you say you're a former Tanky, assumption being an FFL Tanky..what exactly did you do??

  7. I said i lived in France for 6 years, you need to learn to read!

  8. I have also told you what i did, 3 years as a Tanky and then 2 in an Airborne Regiment and i never said to you i served with the RNR at all, You got your wires crossed as i said just a Reservist in the UK it could be any 3 of the Services not necessarily the RNR.
  9. 1 year out Oooh!!!
  10. Get real Dredd, when the kit packs in they'll use the tyres to burn witches!
  11. It's no biggy getting rid of the tanks. Been on the cards for ages. Over ten years ago they were talking FRES, a newer lighter armoured vehicle that was multi functional. The CH2 has all but gone being replaced by a multitude of theatre specific vehicles.

    As for Syria!!! Give a third world nation first world equipment and it will be ground into the earth in months - a waste of our resources for a task that is doomed to fail. Unless they are trained on the vehicles it will be a fruitless enterprise.

    As for us, (RN), the government of the day will give our fleet away and create a cockleshell fleet of kayak's for coastal protection and sneaky beaky tasks.
  12. 1er REC and 2 REP then. Did you fail the UK entry criteria due to being a colossal fuckwit?
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  13. Fresh water or fruit and veg?
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  14. 306183_493844697346914_111201539_n.jpg

    Just had to add this.
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Well, that's got the "****' o' meter" twitching. Care to back that up with some Regts and Dates? You have a user name that is a candid tip to the Navy yet you profess to being a pongo. I call you a fantasist, care to prove me wrong?
  16. That would be nice! I work only a few yards away from the RTR HQ at Bovington!!! Oh but I suppose he was HCR or the like!!!! Still loads of real life tanky's all around to ask.
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Wont happen mate, he's a fraud.
  18. I suppose the user name could be pongo-ish as they probably get more rum than we do/did. They call it 'gunfire' had a few tastes myself whilst working over the Xmas stand-downs and the like. I have to listen to tales form the turret every day at work. However there are a few ex WAFU's to fight back with stories of daring-do on the flight deck!!!
  20. Yes 1 year out because i needed help with returning to civvie street and planning my return to England and all the fcuking confusing tax problems associated with serving in such a Military which in some cases means some Servicemen are forced back in to service When they have planned to return to their countries and then some plan to desert.

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