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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. Front page of today's national newspaper with the headline " Islamic cabbies refuse to carry booze". The article reads,

    "Muslim taxi drivers in Minnesota have declared jihad on duty-free, refusing to carry passengers who are carrying alcohol.The ban has created chaos at Minneapolis-St Paul international airport where about three quarters of the 900 taxi drivers are Somali and mostly Muslim. Airport officials have begun working with the taxi drivers to install colour-coded lights on taxi roofs to indicate which are alcohol friendly and which are not.
    The lights are expected to be introduced by the end of the year. Ali Culed, a Somali Muslim who's been driving an airport cab for eight years said the ban was " a religious issue".
    " I cannot force anybody to change their belief, but not in my cab," he said. " I don't want the guilt. I just want to be an innocent person". Eva Buzek, a flight attendant who grew up in Poland, said when she asked a driver to be careful with her suitcase because it had wine in it, he dumped her bags and told other drivers not tocarry her either.Four more refused her service.
    She said the ban went against American values. "I don't want to impose my beliefs on anyone else," she told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. " That's what I'm in this country for, because of the freedom"."What's going to be next?. Do I have to cover my head?"" Airport spokesman Paul Hogan said drunken passengers had not had trouble getting a cab,just the ones who let on that they're carrying a bottle. " It's slowly grown over the years to the point that it's become a significant customer service issue for us".
    The Koran strictly forbids buying, selling, drinking or carrying alcohol.
    There are an estimated five to seven million Muslims in the US. They have never had political representation in Congress, though that could be about to change this November thanks to Minnesota's Kieth Ellison. a Muslim convert, who is a Democratic frontrunner in Congressional mid-term elections next month."

    The thin end of the wedge? Note they still carry drunks probably because they can get a tip or rob the poor bastards but it's hypocracy whatever way you look at it. Well we can't say we weren't warned. Thank ckuf I rarely imbibe or catch a cab come to that.
  2. Any Taxi driver refusing to carry sober non law breaking citizens should have his taxi drivers permit/licence removed
  3. I agree with slim on this one. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. In simple terms people should always abide by the laws of the host nation. In this case our cabbie friends need to get a reality check and start acting like the American Citizen wannabees they aspire to be.

  4. Turkey, Morocco, Egypt & Tunisia. All muslim countries all allowing alcohol to be sold and consumed. Obviously if they stopped the sale of alcohol their lucrative tourist industries would collapse. However in places where alcohol is sold you will notice many muslims enjoying the benefits of the forbidden nectar. Its time for the muslim community to wake up and smell the booze. By all means obey the Koran but if your religion conflicts with the customs of the country you are in emigrate or return to a country which shares your views.
  5. Cheeky twats, if you want to live like a backward savage go back to your stinking cave in the mountains.
    If you want to live and earn in the free world, adapt and integrate.
    Tossers these people are.
  6. The problem is they are not really refusing the passenger just part of the luggage, and if the local rules allow that then that is the way it is.

    Mind you if they keep it up they are likely to see their income drop substatially quite quickly and perhaps they may change their views.

    I am all for personal beliefs, but don't comlain to me if your beliefs make you poor.

  7. If they can refuse to carry luggage then surely the passenger should have the same rights, i.e. to choose the driver who is going to drive him/her.
    However if I stated that I do not want to be driven by a muslim then that would be construed as racist
  8. Just sensible really, not racist. I would rather not get in a taxi driven by a muslim for the same reason people now feel uncomfortable when you see them at check in for the same flight as you.
  9. The significant point here is the Somalis have a monopoly at the airport it appears therefore they dictate the terms, at least as long as they're allowed to. Tha Americans, much like the Brits and Aussies, find this sort of situation difficult to deal with as they have probably never encountered such before.These newcomers learn the ropes quickly and dont hesitate to use them. Today the airport taxis, tomorrow ??? It's a worry

  10. What a bunch of twats.I hope soe buisness inded person sets up a non muslin taxi service and drive these scum out of buisness.They go to a Country to become one of their citizens but then refuse to integrate or abide by the adoptive countries Laws and beliefs.Send the bastards back.
  11. It will happen here if the British Government (as looks likely) grant religious exemptions in the provision of goods and services. At present this is mainly about whether privately owned businnesses with a religious ethos and religious charities providing local services funded by the tax/council tax payer, or employees holding religious beliefs can refuse to provide services to gays. However in practice it is bound to have unintended consequences as religious fundimentalists seek to extend the boundaries of the exclusions. For example any military service is incompatible with most religious beliefs, as is paying for it through taxation. This will be the next battle ground, after gays, abortion and providing services to cohabiting couples, etc.

    It is also to some extent a reality already as people already use religious belief to refuse to provide services to some sectors of the population on morality grounds. My own local authority prohibit any teaching about humanism in schools through our local SACRE, where no humanists have been appointed to be represented. Crematoria bear crucifixes, despite them being founded by the humanist movement. In the Forces no humanist pastoral support appears to be available, only the religious variety. Etc.
  12. What the Fcuk has this topic to do with gays. They still drink booze dont they?
    This is a booze topic
  13. And the Muslims that sell booze in their little corner shop? are they doing us a favour?
  14. Slim, the new Provision of Goods and Services legislation, if, as expected, it grants religious exemptions, will accelerate this process. At present a Muslim taxi driver could have their license removed for refusing to provide a service to a non-Muslim customer on religious grounds - namely the possession (in this case) of alcohol. If this exemption is granted however Muslim taxi drivers could not only refuse to transport passengers carrying alcohol on taxis or other public transport, but could also, for example, object to providing services to women who are immodestly dressed, or indeed to women at all, etc. Muslim staff in NHS hospitals treating servicemen could then legally refuse to treat those who have killed co-religionists, etc. This is not what the Church of England is seeking in its attempt to get an opt out of the legislation - they want to be able to refuse to offer services to gays - but the unintended consequence is that alcohol etc could end up being banned, de facto, from public transport and taxis, etc. That is the relevance to booze. Servicemen in NHS hospitals could also suffer discrimination as a result.

  15. Rock on !
  16. Many thanks for the input steve but it seems that each & every thread is being turned into a gay issue. I don't care whether someone is homosexual, bi-sexual or heterosexual providing they are paying their taxes and not bleeding the welfare state dry.
    Turning so many threads into gay propaganda is destroying threads
  17. And why not indeed! Look forward to see you marching in London's first Straight Pride event next year Lingy! I'll be there to cheer you on! :D

  18. Fair point Slim. I was simply pointing out that it WILL happen here, but that it will be the unforeseen consequence of unrelated lobbying by the CofE.


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