worth going submarines?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RN2014, Sep 2, 2014.

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  1. Hi,

    Im starting my application form for the royal navy and wondered if anyone can help answer some questions ive got on going to submarines. when ive been researching a lot of people make it out to be some sort of special forces unit and elite but how much of that is actually true? ive also read that they are really short of people so are they just saying that to try and make them more attractive? the extra money doesn't really bother me because the travel opportunities on ships will probably make up for that (i hope lol)

    thanks for any help!
  2. Sorry I thought you said "special forces" then?

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  3. yea i read it in a bbc article.
  4. Life on board a submarine is now more comfortable than it has ever been but it is still more cramped than a surface vessel. A submariners life is not for everyone and the extra money offered is classed as a speciality payment but in also it serves to try and retain personnel. If you have any doubts about being a submariner don't do it .
    Lastly , submariners are definitely not SF but most are proud to be one or to have been one.
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  5. Definitely not SF although you may end up working with them and "elite" inasmuch as we have our own way of doing things plus all the extra training you do to get your dolphins.
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  6. There's also a definite sense of belonging in Submariners as well. Even after 30+ years outside, my dad still loves spinning dits about the A, O and P boats.
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  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I fink yor reely speshall Wrecks
  8. My carer wrote that last post, the bar steward o_O
  9. I read somewhere that you can transfer TO submarines, but not away from them. It might be bollocks but I'd take that into consideration.
  10. Depends on branch, dont know current regs but it used to be: 3 years service for non volunteer, 5 years for volunteers.
  11. I don't know about being Special Forces, but most of them were 'special'.......

    No windows to lick though!
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  12. In all cases would you put yourself forward to go on a sub, or can the navy post you on one without your say so?
  13. Submariners are all volunteers. Read into that what you will.
  14. I wasn't :( (stayed on them for the next 30 years though, read into that what you will).
  15. The last thing i want to do is be on a sub. Cant imagine anything worse (dont mean to offend any ex submariners).
  16. I thought much the same but Pusser held a different point of view. I never wanted to return to General Service.
  17. The BBC. Not exactly famed for their knowledge on life on a submarine. Probably better at working out dodgy deals with the rozzers and then grabbing that exclusive when someone's house gets raided and other stuff like all that funded by the licence payer of course.
  18. Not true now and certainly was not true 30+ years ago!
  19. The only special forces in the RN is the STC lot, as for submariners they are more like special needs, a load of blokes hot bunking, not showering, playing hide the sausage and getting sun burnt in the middle of jan on one of the two runs ashore: fassers or fassers at night.

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  20. You say all that like it is bad!

    I got sunburned en route from FI patrol to San Francisco - we surfaced for a bank holiday weekend or something.

    So yah sucks boo!!

    Faslavatory at night is preferable to the day!

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