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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by scapa, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. Intesting post but what it fails to mention is how much is brought into the economy by tourism. Will the Japanese take phots of the New Republic :pukel: with the same justo. Me thinks not.

    Anyway they should of kept the Royal Yacht and not let it rust away in Edinburgh.

    Chew on that. :hungry:
  2. If you don’t like living in a country with a monarchy, Piss off over to France.
  3. If only it will happen one day but sadly not in my lifetime. They came by their unearned wealth through violence, maybe I could challenge Charlie boy to a scrap and the winner takes all.

    They serve as nothing more than a constant reminder of our cruel colonial and racist past and on that subject how many ethnic faces do you see amongst their obsequious retinue?
  4. Lucky old me i already have a place in normandy, so when ever i need the old batteries recharging i piss off pronto
  5. I think in light of this government and the stealth taxes they impose, 66p is a small price to pay when you consider the amount of revenue the Royal family bring to this country in tourism etc.
  6. 66p is worth the Trooping of the Colour!FFS a big bag of crisps cost more than 66p!
  7. Worth every penny and more. They bring more than they take into the country and are far cheaper than elected ambassadors. Now how much do the members of Parliament cost each of? bet it's more than 66 pence. :thumright:
  8. I have seen the Japanese taking photos of moorland rain and mist just outside Haworth because this is Bronte Country!!

    Although not a Royalist I would sooner have the Royals than these jumped up celebs and two bit soap stars and footballers anytime.

    The place would be a sadder place without "OUR PHIL" to brighten up the day. Now Feck Off and get on your bike before you go slanty eyed!! :bball:
  9. I am a monarchist, but what is the alternative - President Blair?

    Just think how much that would cost!

    Somebody should also do a costing on the Royal Yacht - how many big contracts were won for the UK and UK workers when the vessel was used (rightly so to) as a marketing tool?

    I promise you, a President as head of state would cost more than HM does. People must also remember that places like Windsor Castle belong to the state so even if we did have a President you would still be paying for the upkeep etc.

  10. Indeed we would but it would be a president elected and removable by the people not some German/Greek anachronism who are there by an accident of birth and 'gods will'.

    Best place for it rusting and rotting in Leith docks, it should have been used as a target, that would have been even better.
  11. Yeah like gordon Broone et al!! Believe me fink i worked at the seat of government for 5 years and can tell you that they waste money like its going out of business whilst people are living in cardboard boxes half a mile away on the strand!!
  12. Anybody know the cost of Air Force 1 (there are two of them by the way) and the US Marine helicopter equivalent?

  13. ex_rubberdagger, I have no doubt that they do but we can get rid of them and as Aitkin and those other toads whose names escapes me at the moment found out they are accountable, the Windsor’s are not, ye gods they do not even pay all the taxes that they should; do you think that is acceptable?
  14. Why?
  15. Fink
    If you think that having an elected head of state will save you 66 pence a year then think again. Instead of 66 pence the cost would almost certainly be far higher.
  16. I don't think a good reason to keep them is that they bring tourist money into the country.
    At the moment they provide an unelected head of state with little or no power, purely a figurehead. It cannot be denied that their past was bloody and land grabbing, often for purely personal gain. Neither are they of pure British stock, in fact far from it.
    I personally think this is an evasion of responsibility on the part of the people who should be taking more of part in the running of the country.
    Here in Spain there is a constitutional monarchy, but, the principle difference is that there is a constitution; a document which states quite clearly in its' first paragraph 'The power of the state lies with the people'..
    The Spanish royal family the Borbons (famous for their biscuits!!) are no more of direct Spanish lineage than the Windsors are British.
    I am sure though that if it was the overwhelming wish of the British people that the state becomes a republic then the royal family would honour that wish.
    It is up to the people to decide which way they want to go and they should, in due time, be given that right to decide. The last chance, back in the 17th century was fluffed and the next one will take strong conviction and no fluffines to, just perhaps, get it right.
  17. Hopefully if the Eton cabal gain power they will give us a clear referendum, keep or get rid.
  18. Tut Tut! Could it be that the moderators personal views have clouded judgement, this is a current affairs issue or I am sorely mistaken?
  19. Air Force One is a Boeing VC-25, a 747 variant costing about $325million a pop.

    Marine One is actually a whole fleet of helicopters, most of which are Sea Kings / Whitehawks, as I don't know the number of helicopters involved I couldn't come to a figure for cost. However, the Sea King/Whitehawk fleet is due to be replaced with the EH101 Merlin at an estimated cost of $11.2 BILLION.

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