Worst TV Programme ever + the best everTV prog too........

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by fly_past, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Hmmmmmm,
    Best was Swapshop (ohhh Maggie Philbin in boots)

    Worst is Eastenders
  2. Best - Das Boot

    Worst - Eurovision Song Contest
  3. Worst ? Take your pick

    Strictly Come Dancing
    The Real Hustle
    The Tudors
    Leave Us Kids Alone
    My Big Breasts and Me
    Dog Borstal
    What Not to Wear

    Need I go on. have you evere seen such a heap of crap, and thats just a selection of what your licence money has provided for you during the last three days. If I wanted to waste more time I could go on about the other cannels and daytime TV but what would be the point?

    Best; since I started watching in the 1950s there have been a lot of good programmes and to pick one would be v difficult. However, to comply with the topic I offer the Smiley stories with Alec Guinness as George Smiley or Abigail's Party. Proper contemporary drama.
  4. Any of the "reality" TV shows - thank God for SKY !
  5. Best - Tiswaz

    Worst - All soaps
  6. Big Brother and Top Gear+the new production of Fanny Hill, and not necessarily in that order.
  7. Re: Worst TV Programme ever + the best everTV prog too......

    Worst- Jeremy Kyle

    Best- Early 80s drama called the Edge of Darkness, still havent seen a British drama that has ever beaten this.
  8. Ditto to that.

    Best: Band of Brothers and Das Boot
  9. When I said Das Boot earlier I meant the subtitled version as well. I believe it was subsequently repeated with English dubbed over the top and wasn't anything like as good.
  10. Much better when in German,gives it the edge.
  11. Re: Worst TV Programme ever + the best everTV prog too......

    Agree with Das Boot in German , could see the tension on their faces , quality ,

    Worst , any bloody reality show , fxxxxxxxxxg shite .
  12. Re: Worst TV Programme ever + the best everTV prog too......

    Edge of Darkness is the best TV drama ever made.
    Best of the current crop has to Deadwood and Rome, both from HBO.
  13. Re: Worst TV Programme ever + the best everTV prog too......

    Best:- Little House on the Prairie

    Worst:- UKTV FOOD Channel/any other programme with chefs in it
  14. Best: Sopranos
    Worst: Eastenders
  15. Re: Worst TV Programme ever + the best everTV prog too......

    Best - Fools and Horses.

    Worse - Big Brother and all the other reality shows.
  16. Re: Worst TV Programme ever + the best everTV prog too......

    Best- Top Gear / Overhaulin

    Worst- mythbusters / How do they make that?
  17. Does anyone else HATE American sitcoms with built-in laughter to tell the dumb Brits when a joke/funny is told ? Absolutely DETEST them !!
  18. Living in France and without a copy of the Radio Times to hand, when I wrote the above on Friday I had absolutely no idea that both "Smiley's People" and "Abigail's party" would be shown on consecutive nights over the weekend. Someone up ther loves me, only I don't know who.

    I couldn't keep up with Beverly's drink rate even for the first half hour; (four gins and tonic), and so I was able to enjoy it once again.
  19. Best Currently: House MD, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (written by the same guy who did the West Wing), Top Gear, Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the sister programme, The Colbert Report.

    Worst: Big Brother, any Reality TV really, and Soaps.

    Who said Top Gear is awful, its just genius!

    I also thought Smiley's People was very good.
  20. For those with SKY, "Deadliest Catch" - man against the elements and quotas/deadlines - pure brilliance. Any documentary involving tornados/hurricanes/earthquakes - shows just how insignicant man is against his own environment. Even got her indoors watching some of them instead of the "reality" crap on terrestial TV.

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