Worst pint of beer ever.

finknottle said:
There is so much southern piss that's it hard to pick out the worst.

If beer was suppose to be frothy, like shampoo, then it would come out of the pump that way but no you have to force it thru a sparklet to get it that way or pack if full of gas.

CAMRA knows best, if its not a live ale out of a barrel pulled up on a hand pump or out of a tap on the barrel its Effing shite and deserve to be sent tup North.



Lantern Swinger
Don't know if it's still produced, but a real piss-poor beer was going round the Welsh Border area called Feelin Fowl ( spelling is wrong, but it was a Welsh brew )


Lantern Swinger
Any lager is sh***, and ain't beer anyway. Used to drink it all the time when I was younger. The things you do when you're young and foolish!! Smiles bitter is dire too - tastes and smells like rotten eggs.

My tastes have matured over the year - Wadworth 6X, Spitfire, Bishops Finger, HobGoblin and any dark real ale and Guiness (much better since they stopped brewing the Burton shat which used to hit the bottom of the gut like a thermonuclear device) - with a JD chaser. Heaven :D

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