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Worst pint of beer ever.

Stones was fairly rubbish, it was all we got down the mess for a while in the mid eighties, still it was a damn site better than Amstel that gave you some killer headaches. Still drank it though.
Guinness served anywhere outside Oirland!

Maybe you should consider expanding the poll to include naming and shaming individual pubs and clubs too. Take Joannas for instance - most of the beer was shite in there and stopped going (also because my wife won't let me). I think they relied on the fact that most matlots were already too pissed to notice.

Beck's, Fosters, Castlemaine, any Carlsberg gnat's p*ss, Worthington, Younger's Tartan, any Tennant's, Tetley's. In short - beer is generally garbage, unless it is made by a small brewery and sold locally.

Had a pint of Tribute in Cornwall last Sat, which was OK, but it took the barmaid about 16 pulls to fill a pint glass. One pull used to be half a pint when I was a boy!
Greenhalls/Greenalls Bitter........supposedly BREWED in Warrington but tasted like it had been through the populations kidneys first............utter, utter cack.

Not the subject I know but Draught Bass is the best beer in the world but only when kept properly.
When I joined NP2010 at AI in '82, the Stena Inspector had fitted out in Charleston, SC. So it sailed with a full container of Yank beer strapped to the deck.

Pabst, Red White & Blue, and "Canadian Style" Carling Black Label.

I think the whole crew had permanent headaches, but that may be partially explained by the quantity drunk, as well as the quality.

But 6 months on Septic beer?
It was hard.
All bitters in Pompey in the early 80's were shit.I once made the mistake of telling Ruby this fact and became the target of spanners and any other missile for weeks down the engine room.(ruby in the royal standard)
Had some Lager out in Gothenburg, Sweden(1979) when I got a jolly out there on a skimmer in my off crew period on Revenge,and we spent all day drinking this piss and couldnt get shit faced!! And they told us out there that this gear was Grade 3 lager,the strongest stuff they brewed!

Got up next day with the worst headache ever and this gear was costing us about £2.00 a pint then

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