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Worst pint of beer ever.


War Hero
Time to name & shame the Brewers. What is the worst pint of beer you have ever tasted. (home brew does not count).

I'll start with any brickwoods beer in any alehouse.
The worst any lager (Eurofizz) from any where in the world, all stouts and all Keg Bitters (pasturised) wot you get in the Legion and Clubs in general.

That just leaves real bitters from barrel to be praised. Living beer with flavour, Spifire, Tanglefoot, Old Speckled Hen, Bishops Finger, Theakstons Old Peculiar etc etc. CAMRA ROOLS OK

slim said:
Time to name & shame the Brewers. What is the worst pint of beer you have ever tasted. (home brew does not count).

I'll start with any brickwoods beer in any alehouse.

Not a bad starting place, but I do remeber some pretty revolting beers in West Africa, Ghana specifically during my Cadets cruise in the DTS.



War Hero
UK beer would have to be Devenish or Badger. Both disgusting.

World wide: Kingfisher wins it hands down, although any Yank 'beer' is equally as cack. :)


Yeah I would say Badger as well, 3 choughts Blandford where the bloody stuff is made, but then I have lagged in that river a few times myself, just ads to the Heroin needs that are floating past!


Lantern Swinger
From what I can remember, as I like everyone else, has supped just one or two scoops, for me it has to be Tolly Cobbold, also Goodrich Castle from Goodrich in the Forest of Dean takes some beating..for yuck...


Lantern Swinger
I'm in agreement with Brigham600 ref Yank beer but the stuff I had in the TopGun bar in San Diego was truly horrible - can't remember the name (thank God) but it was almost green in colour and very, very unpleasant!
Tolly Cobbold, various pubs in East Anglia. Thankfully, since demised. It made Brickwoods seem like nectar!

In all fairness, any real ale badly kept!


Book Reviewer
Ansells, M&B Brew XI, Federation .... (basically any of the fizzy brown keg brews from the late 70s, early 80s) or from recent times Boddingtons, John Smiths Smooth... the beers that think they are ice-creams.


War Hero
That watneys Party seven was shite.Mind you ive brewed some right crap,tastes ok after the first half gallon.Skol also springs to mind!


Stones was fairly rubbish, it was all we got down the mess for a while in the mid eighties, still it was a damn site better than Amstel that gave you some killer headaches. Still drank it though.


War Hero
That crap that was brewed up in Sunderland. can’t for the life of me what it was called, probably a good job.


War Hero
Guinness served anywhere outside Oirland!

Maybe you should consider expanding the poll to include naming and shaming individual pubs and clubs too. Take Joannas for instance - most of the beer was shite in there and stopped going (also because my wife won't let me). I think they relied on the fact that most matlots were already too pissed to notice.

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