Worst Jobs You Never Thought You Would Be Doing In The Navy

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by TailGunner09, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. Weirdest jobs you would have never been expecting to do in her majestys finest service lol

    One job i was given was sweeping the dock yard in pompey for T200 Thank got the weather was nice lolol
  2. Going to sea. I mean, I just can't believe they put me on a ship and sent me to sea, how dare they.
  3. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Doing a house clearance for a young rating killed in a RTA. Felt very ghoulish and rather uncomfortable.
  4. Puddle Patrol in a heavy monsoon in the Far East lol
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Detailed off to stand in in at twelve hours' notice as "Prisoner's Friend" at my first ever Court Martial, and at my only other one being Officer of the Court, ordered to 'March in the Prisoner' and couldn't find him. That and odd-job pierhead jumps including to Tawau guardship to stand in for a bloke who had broken his leg, and to navigate a tug with a Maltese crew round the Med because the three (RN) Boatswains who ran it couldn't do astro. The RN certainly teaches you to be ready to hop in and make one. A guinea a minute some of the time.
  6. Painting rocks and stones WHITE in 1985 at HMS Mercury in preparation for the visit of HRH Princess Anne.
  7. Re: Worst Jobs You Never Thought You Would Be Doing In The N

    Emptying dustbins full of Jacks’ piss, when the ship was in dry dock. :roll:
  8. Re: Worst Jobs You Never Thought You Would Be Doing In The N

    Been there, done that and wore the contents when the bloke in front of me dropped the elsan he was carrying as he went up the main access hatch 8O
  9. Scrubbing FFO (furnace fuel oil) from the full side of the carrier island after the goose-neck broke during a RAS. Neat 'Slick' we used ended up my eyes nearly blinding me.

    H&S...whats that??
  10. Removing an article of "feminine hygiene" from the intake basket of the aft sewage treatment plant of a Type 42 during a families day. This was flushed away by some unknowing woman and caused a back up in the aft heads that had to be cleared, I was the onwatch outside MEM at the time......oh the joy of that job!
  11. Re: Worst Jobs You Never Thought You Would Be Doing In The N

    Being lurked into playing Father Christmas to a local primary school, winched down to the little window lickers.

    Ron Jeremy would have been proud
  12. Thank you very much, the dockyard looked rather tiddly on the day, but you missed a bit. :p

    On one occasion when at Forest Moor we were expecting a visit from FOSNNI and a group of us we were detailed off to clear away the leaf litter that was lining the roadways. It was a windy Autumn day and the leaves were falling from the trees quicker than we could clear the bloody things away. :(
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Painting the underside of the casing on an O boat in Singapore, no need for a Sauna, kept my body like a racing snake
  14. Re: Worst Jobs You Never Thought You Would Be Doing In The N

    blackbery picking for FOST at portland when i was on his boat crew, up at Eastwears during distex, went up in his staff car and spent most of our time doodging men armed with pick handels chasing rioters
  15. A 3 day loan draft to Greenwich Royal Naval College when the "Instant Orrificers" were doing the OOD's table part of the course.
    Muggins here was getting weighed off 14 times a day!
  16. Cleaning the green and red bits in the hangar at 4 in the morning. Why ?? because you have to do something to keep busy on a pussers grey


    chip the stbd catwalk because it looked a bit weather worn. With all due respect chief ..........off
  17. Re: Worst Jobs You Never Thought You Would Be Doing In The N

    On the Puma during refit,we had a prat of a Jimmy who told me he didn't want the wardroom flat paintwork marked by scrapers chipping paintwork so he told me to chip the paintwork off with a wooden scraper![piece of flat wood!]
    After two weeks I managed about a square foot,everyone including others ocifers said it was bloody stupid but could not tell him.
    Easy no.for me could see anyone coming and took it easy,only problem was the dockyard maties having a laugh but they also knew he was a 1st class prat.
    Expect he made Admiral.
  18. Re: Worst Jobs You Never Thought You Would Be Doing In The N

    Sweeping snow off the casing in Faslane. My vision of a naval career had involved warm water and tropical islands.
  19. Re: Worst Jobs You Never Thought You Would Be Doing In The N

    1st trip to sea With the RNR as a Greenie and get Jobbed off as ---- A Wardroon Steward! (No official billet for a steward on an MSF) I dont know how anyone can do that job but suffice to say I wasnt Jobbed off for long as the wets I made tasted and smelled funny :lol:
  20. Detailed to water the flower beds in Collingrad when it started pi**ing down. Took shelter under the colonade of the Collingrad club, which greatly displeased the Chief! When he enquired as to why the flower bed watering party were no longer carrying out the assigned task, his attention was directed to the inclement weather, to which he replied "well put your effin' Burberry's on"!
    Result? Watering the flower beds dressed in Burberry's whilst the heaviest rain since the great flood fell from the skies!

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