worst green rub?

Two come to mind that I've never forgot.
1 Not a bad cricket player when I joined up,[captain of the village youth team etc] played in the Andrew and was offerred a chance in Pompey to play in the Portsmouth Commmand Probables and Possibles match.
Took 7 wickets for 42 runs fast bowling and thought I'd cracked it but!
At tea break as we all trooped in, a two and a half ringer told me they would bring my tea out to the veranda!As I was the only rating in the team apart from a CPO GI I was not allowed to mix with them for a tea break.They welcomed the CPO but not me.
Refused to play cricket again after that.
Snobbery was endemic in the 50's and 60's.
Next one was being ordered to play the piano at all officers cocktail parties,never offered a drink for that either,good job there was some canny officer stewards keeping me topped up.
Kept having cut fingers after that everytime a party was coming up.
Just looking back a bit and wondered if any still have green rubs and what where the worst of some in the past.
If i was the PO/CPO GI i would have come outside and drank my tea with you , ferkin snobs piss me off, :wink:Snobbery was still there in my days oppo,70/80`s,
NorwayChris said:
trelawney126 said:
NorwayChris said:
If i was the PO/CPO GI i would have come outside and drank my tea with you , ferkin snobs piss me off, :wink:Snobbery was still there in my days oppo,70/80`s,
Never :D
I joke not,i would have had me tea and biccys with the poor lad left outside, 8)
Fcuk, you'd probably knicked his fcukin biccys.

I had a green rub when I was on the Devonshire. I was flight deck party whilst we were in Chats commissioning. I was issued with a pair of anti static boots, brown swede looking things. I went up to Pembroke for cash clothing, and got pounced on by some stupid thick leading Reg on the dress patrol.
He takes me down the main gate and makes me polish the Fookers. I protested but no gain.
So I goes back onboard and the chief airey fairey tells me to draw another pair, and go to barracks and get the name of the tw*t thats made me polish em.
So I treks up to the main gate, the brain dead reg gets me again, tells me to polish them, so I tells him b*llocks and gets trooped. The friggin chief would not come to my rescue as he was too busy. :evil: :evil: B*stard.
I was part of the fx party coming into harbour once and the fairly sproggy LT in charge asked me to go and get the radio from the MCO which I did signing for it in the process. The cnut then told me to give him the radio promising to take it back down the MCO afterwards. I trusted him, I was stupid.

The radio turned up three weeks later completely covered in rust and shitty brown water as he had decided to leave it in a fire hose basket on the fwd breakwater. He had conveniently forgotten having ever seen the radio in his life. Luckily the Yeoman was a good lad and I didn't get charged for it.

I learned some valuable lessons that day.

1. Never ever sign for anything.

2. Never trust an Officer.

3. Jaffa Cakes can get you out of nearly any situation, no matter how serious.
Was on a trip to the stores depot in Woolston and desided to go home for a cuppa and crunched the tilly. I was stopped but I had one wheel over the center line of the road. The woman in the other car had bald tyres no tax or MOT. Had "Notice of intent to prosecute" and the summons came through to the transport manager. It was full of errors had me going in the wrong direction turning left instead of right so I would of pleaded not guilty. The TM corrected all the errors and sent them back, :evil: BARSTEWARD, a new summons was issued correct in every particular£30 fine +endorsement and days pay and leave etc. :oops:
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