worst chat up lines


Lantern Swinger
I tried "How do you like your eggs in the morning?" Unfortunatley she replied "Unfertilized, now **** off fatty!".
I think she was overawed by my presence.
Are you Jewish?


Are you sure you're not Jewish?


Are you sure...

I'm not Jewish why?

Because you've got some F**king nose on you!

Gen Dit...some disco in Brizzel...Stevie M., if you're reading this...you are one smooth barsteward!


I remember trapping a "Bird" at the Star in Gosport years ago, went back to her place to get down to business, she said "You ain't got a very big c - - k, have you"!

I said "You won't mind if I stick it up you arse then"!


"No I am English"

My answer to 2 young (attractive) american girls asking if I was American.

Result completely kanackered sore bits and
48 hours adrift
14 days no. 9s
all bar one of these was spent at sea!

I'd do it all again if I could........... Happy days indeed

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