Worst Boss you ever had?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. I remember on one of my Ships, I had a POS P.O who was an arse towards women onboard. He would rip us apart and call us every name under the sun, esp the c you next Tuesday expression! He was and still is a twat!

    I hated him, along with the rest of the Jenny’s onboard, made our life’s hell. The amount of times he was warned by the MAA's about this and he ignored it! Time and time again, gripped my sh1te I can tell you!

    Has any one else ever had a boss that you wanted to rip their head off and poo down their necks?
  2. Yep. SD DWEO who was the most obnoxious twat I ever worked for. Not just me that hated him, this guy was being lined up for all sorts by the WE Dept, including a plan to lob him off the arse end (stopped by the LS(M)), have him hitman'd in Sicily (they couldn't find the money) and getting him done in the States (stopped by the LHOM). There were considerations of getting him to hit a junior rate, false allegations, conspiracies, the lot. Came to a head with the whole WE Dept lined up outside the WEOs Cabin. DWEO was relieved of all DO duties. He was just such a complete cock, arrogant, unreasonable, jumped up. SDs tended to go one of two ways - brilliant or shite. This guy came so close to be actually being murdered, he has no idea. Then his wife left him for a MOD Copper, so there was a high point!
  3. Yep! a Chief Wren at Collingwood!
    She wore horrid flat shoes and had a hairy lip, from the time I joined the base she made it obvious that she fancied me (and no I wasn't flattered). I had to, in no uncertain terms, inform the she devil that I was not interested...From then on in, she made my life absolute hell, being a youngster at the time and fairly new, I nearly left the Navy! :evil:

    Imagine that happening now!!!
  4. Lesbian MAA when it was illegal - even better when you are in the shit but you know her girlfriend (civvy friend of your wife) - and it's not until you get summonsed to the Reg Office for fighting that she recognises you, you recognise her, and the charge just seems to disappear!

    Making it legal just took away some leverage, bastards!

  5. Did he teach digitech at Collingwood and his name rhyme with punt?
  6. Almost. It rhymed with cnut ;-))..... Last twin 4.5" in the Fleet - he was nearly the first DWEO hoyed off the arse end.....
  7. Still, I would love to have been there to see her face at the crucial moment of recognition. :oops:

    The song 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' somehow springs to mind.
  8. It was better than good. I'd only been a killick for, oh, about 4 days, when I was caught scrapping with Booties (again). There was her and a LREG in the office, and she couldn't get the LREG out of the office fast enough! We had a discussion about my behaviour, which ended with "and let's hope that's the last of it!"

    Skin of my teeth.......
  9. and how many ships have you had (full drafts that is not off with pmt or stress coz the toilet roll aint soft enough for you)
  10. Jesus. Splits on board. The filthiest messdecks imaginable. Regular rescrubs after skippers rounds. They were all a mass of inept, honking blubber.
    That was Fearless circa 1990 anyway. Doubt there's much difference on any other ship.
  11. 3 ships and the only time I was shore side was for courses (apart from having an operation). Foot.......remove from mouth, or would you like some help with that?
  12. Far be it from me to be provocative, but the question was how many FULL sea drafts you had. If you'd had 3 full sea drafts, then you would have done a minimum of 9 yrs (3x2,5 yrs at sea, plus 1.5 yrs MTA). You salty old thing you.
  13. Worst boss I ever had was a scottish pusser with an irish name. He had a one time liking for the black stuff and a disliking of hire cars and RNRs.
  14. Don't know what drafting is like now but you seldom did the full commission in my day --- all my ships have been 18month -two years max unless you were lucky to get the refit aswell..

    So my first nine years ------------ 4 sea going vessels!! Shore time was doing courses between sea drafts --
  15. my current one, couldnt lead a cub pack to a sweet shop!
  16. I remember a yeoman on the intrepid i real idiot no one liked him cant remember his name we all called him large on account of the obvious the fat knacker, he didnt have a clue an absolute arrrrrrssse not one person got on with him even the other yeoman used to avoid him whilst up in norway he got one of the lads to make the wets so along came the tray of plastic naafi mugs as we are all drinking i could see the look of horror on my mates face, unbeknown to us he had gobbed in the yeomans tea but had missed and the big glob of snot was hanging on the side of his mug. just as he was finishing his wet he saw it but in the red light of the bridge he thought it was toffee from his twix bar and scooped it up on his finger and slurped it up, he must have realised what it was once in his fat gob but still swallowed it down and said nothing served him right lazy useless git
  17. BZ. another one was to leave the teabag in the cup when made to make a wet for the Yeoman/OOW etc on the bridge at night, them emptying the mug down their throat in the dark often made for a bit of retching !!!
  18. I got my own back on a Killick MA that ran me in for being 3 mins adrift!He ended up on my ward in Haslar after falling over pissed and cutting his tendons in his arm.He was to have an Anti biotic jab.So i made it up with minimum sterile water and injected it in under 2 nano seconds!He was sitting on the other cheek if hs arse for days!erves the fecker right!
  19. F*cking WEs: are you telling me you couldn't even get a snuff kitty together to have the DWEO whacked? :roll:
  20. Can we name and shame?

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