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worrying what to say!


i have an idea on what in goin to say at my interview and hope i impress! but i fear that when he asks me about why i want to join the RN, i'll choke on my words what do you thinks best i say? thanks alot!:D

do not say "to do my duty" and steer away from "to be the best" and "to travel"

apparently these are cliched pitfalls that nealry everybody says

the best ones are

"secure employment", "pension" and the "military lifestyle"

i was told all this today by a careers liason in prep for my AIB
im going in as ' a seaman specialist' one of the new trades in the RN it has been there for about a year...

Or rather, a trade that always existed, disappeared 30 years ago and is now reappearing :roll:

Think what attracts you to the RN - what was it that caught your interest? Were you a sea cadet for instance? What makes it an attractive career for you - the career prospects? military lifestyle? etc.

Obviously you want to join the RN because you find it an attractive career - so you tell him that then go on to give him your reasons why you think that... makes sense doesn't it?
Haribo- you need to say the words " i want to join the Fleet Air Arm" or its goodbye to the family and hello to spending all day cleaning for some fat stoker who has been stood over for the 100th time and is really bitter about it with phrases like "in my day etc etc" . You know it makes sence, we do visit the Boats (sorry ships) so its not like you would be missing out on all that good stuff! but only as a visitor usually its hotels, full rates, club class flights around the world every weekend off,living at home blah blah, there is a reason the Fleet hate us and i cant blame them.
Don't say anything about wanting to fire a weapon, do mention golden rivits!

Nah, don't say the last, however, welcome and good luck!

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