Worrying times for RR?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by jjp23, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. Well I am getting worried about everyone on here just lately. I have noticed that it seems to be a nice place to come and chat and discuss things. There are nice threads about pets, music, jokes and facts. Even people asking stupid questions are not being abused but wound up in a calmer manner (still amusing though). It all seems to be very cuddly at the moment.

    When I joined the site there were people being abused, plots to kidnap other members and many other violent and abusive, all be it controversial, threads.

    So I’m just seeing if you are all ok?
  2. I'd feel better if I was in a sound proof room with your mother, a length of razorwire and a bucket of viagra. You cunt.
  3. We are all scared after what happened to Monty.

    Everything is fine, the men in the black suits with the happy injection will be knocking on your door shortly. Then you will understand.
  4. Fcuk off you wuss
  5. I'm having to behave myself. No longer can I threaten to rape anyone's six year old daughter, paste personal details of people's families into threads, or offer to snip upper jawbones with bolt croppers.

    If I did, I'd be banned again.

    So stop whining you fcuking shitstabber.
  6. Much better JJ. I would engage you in a battle of wits but i refuse to do battle against someone un-armed.

    2DD, i see. I shall worryingly look aver my shoulder for a a dangerous looking man. If i see one be assured i shall squeal like a yorkshire prozzie in years gone by and blame everyone but myself.
  7. its the establishment at work. remember there watching you!
  8. [​IMG]

    Come on then, I'll bite your ankles off!
  9. Please do not force me into buying a pack of 2DD's suggested pets (see below) and setting them at you with the sole aim to devour genitals.


    Also, have you ever taken the time to think what your life would be like if you had enough oxygen at birth?
  10. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    JJP. I like you but you're whining like a fucking girl. Grow a set you dank tuft of rectal hair. Stop sobbing into your pink hanky, take off that gingham dress and man up, you fucking mahoosive heemasex.
  11. I was going to mention something along the same lines it has gone a bit cuddly i.e the thread on pets now dont get me wrong if it was about your pittbull turning up at the front door with someones arm in its mouth i would be quite happy.
    however it was about cat(not pussy) loving freaks
    My(god bless her even though she is a civvy) mummy has a cat and I am allergic to them.
    Nothing would please me more than daily chopping a inch of each paw till it actually is a harmless ball of fluff.
    Then having a kick about on the front street with the local chavs before gradually doing the same to them whilst raping there chavvy mothers in front of there tied up smackhead fathers(if they have one on site) whilst all the time forcing them to spit on each other.
    (contented sigh)
    Happy Days.
  12. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    There are some cracking threads on here that are very old school. Someone should get their finger out and get this Greatest Hits board sorted so people can see how it's done.
  13. ......and of course Monty is a much happier bear now that he has his very own REAL train set to play with. :wink:

    Mods - Eat your hearts out :twisted:
  14. You pink fluffy cnut, why are you suddenly trying to be nice to all and sundry?
    Would I be allergic to your mum's pussy?
    And leave the fcukin chavs alone, until I find the one's who gang raped JJ, then you can party.

    Ps have tou got any swaps yet on the bubblegum cards? :D
  15. Get back to your cotton fields and speak when your spat at
  16. I'm running........I aint go no train like Monty but I sure is on the underground railway. :x
    Honky fcuker. :wink:
  17. Why do i have a feeling this thread is going to go from bad to worse and will end up with the men in suits after me? :roll:

    ps. go get him seenoff, the fcukers running.
  18. we should form a band you on your big mommas bongo's and me on me pa's banjo. :twisted:
  19. Your Pa has a banjo?

    Are you a Janner?
  20. Don't bother mate - she's not worth the blueys.

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