Worrying about my Medical

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Glyndwr, May 4, 2015.

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  1. I first applied to the RN in 2011 and passed everything until my Medical in March 2012. I was told I had to wait until I was four years clear of asthma and two years clear of migraines until I was able to join. I waited until 6Th May 2014 which was the day I was four years clear of my asthma until I rang up to re-apply. The only reason these conditions were so recent was because my mother kept picking up my prescriptions from my GP as a precaution in case I ever needed them. Now I am in the process of joining again and have my medical examination tomorrow. I have a letter from my GP from May last year about my asthma and migraines but having read through the site I understand that I may need a letter covering my fractured ankle 9+ years ago and a small knee operation 13+ years ago? I have requested a new and updated letter from my GP about my asthma and migraines but that was over two weeks ago and I still do not have it. Would this be a problem that the letter is a year old and also would I definitely need a letter to cover my ankle and knee?

    Sorry about the essay, just really need answers because I am worrying.
  2. I fractured my arm when I was 10. They required more information from my GP regarding it in order to pass me as medically fit. If I were you I would gather all relevant letters for anything that could possible cause you to be TMU.
  3. the only thing is I have been pestering my GP for the past 2 weeks for another letter, the only time I have to get it now, since its a bank holiday today and the surgery is shut, is around 2 hours tomorrow morning. But my GP surgery is useless and I will still need to try and get in to see my doctor and even then I dont know if he will write the letter at that time for me. If tin the examination tomorrow I do get TMU, would I be able to have another examination because it is my second one tomorrow?
  4. My next Medical, will be my fourth medical, so no dramas there!

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  5. Okay thank you for the help, I really appreciate it!
  6. Thank you for the help, I just wanted to say I passed my medical this afternoon. I only had doctors letters for my asthma and migraines and I told the doctor about my fractured ankle and knee operation from 9-12 years ago and she didn't require any information on either.
    My fitness test is now booked for tomorrow at 1000 and once I've passed, I've just got to wait for my dates! Too excited!
  7. Fitness test is easy! good luck! What you going in as?
  8. Great news congrats!!

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