worry about each stage i come to

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mark33, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. hi all passed through my interview got medical soon but it seems that every stage i get to i get worried about hopefully medical should be easily passed but now i get nagging worries about security clearance. Is there anyone who can put my mind at rest what is it exactly that security clearance covers i should be fine but at moment i worry over slightest thing (this is so out of character for me) joining navy has been what i've always wanted to do should i be so worried about each stage?
  2. It's natural to worry.
  3. Are you real or what,stop ferkin worrying ,get ya fanny down the pub,get harry crappers and go home to bed,ok,ferkin grow up
  4. Yes, it would be nice if people would do that.
  5. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    :lol: Admit it, you pair love each other.
  6. Does this lad honestly expect sympathy from the guys/gals on RR, 8) "if you worry you die ,if you dont worry you still die" end of story,you go for it guzzler the agony aunt,tell him how much you sympathise with him
  7. Bum fun in the offing then!! 8)
  8. I probably used to eat people like guzzler for breakfast and then spit em out when i`d finished with the crunchy bits, :wink:
  9. i wasnt asking for sympathy norwaychris i was asking for advice. i'll ask for sympathy when i'm as ugly as you.
  10. Well that put me in my place ya ferkin nozzer twat didnt it,go home and cry on mummys apron you little worrier you,i am reeling from shock at how youve put me down, :wink:
  11. Yeah, typical old school Matlot!! Did he swallow by the way???
  12. Dream on PO(M) :wink: .

    Possibly right though - irritating ferker on here, but might not be so bad in the real world. :p
  13. Mark in answer to your question we all worry about going through interviews and selection processes but with age it seems to get a bit easier to deal with.

    Best advice is to do your homework and do your best mate!!!
  14. Off course he swallowed, :D he didnt have any choice 8)
  15. Ah, you skull-fcuked him then!!!

    Tsk standards!! :wink:
  16. There is no point in worrying mate. What will be will be. Nothing can change it now but unless you've raped, murdered or defrauded someone then you'll be fine.
  17. Mark

    Don't worry about the Security Clearance. It's just to check that you've been honest about everything and that there are no skeletons in the cupboard which could be used to blackmail you. The Police's records will be checked to confirm that you have been honest about any contact you may have had with them/the courts and there will be an Experian check to verify that you have been honest about your finances.
  18. to be honest i worried more about letting people around me down. i'm 33 years old and have a family i'm not a jumped up 16 year old that thinks the world owes me a favour and when things go wrong i dont go crying to mummy. thought i might be able to get some good advice from here from people that are more educated about the selection process than myself and i would like to say thankyou to the people that offer it if i don't really want a name calling session on a computer screen because thats really grown up aint it.
  19. mark33,i may have jumped the gun and gone in on a broad side,why worry ?if you worry then you will become nervous,then you will become maybe a little sick in your little old tum tum,then you will get headaches,then you will become more nervous and completely ferk everything up,so the moral is DONT FERKIN WORRY,think happy thoughts or maybe bang ya wife or even throw one off yourself before an important event ,i find it hard to understand people who worry because i have never ever ever worried about anything,out of all the courses i did in the mob i never even thought about failing,but if i had failed then i would have just done the course/exam again, 8)
  20. Mark

    Are you happy with what has been explained to you now about the Security Clearance? To be honest, you have already successfully got through two of the stages for which you need to prepare - the test and the interview - now, unless you have some particular concern relating to the SC, you just need to let your form be processed. Concentrate on something else for now.

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