£42,500. oooops sorry thats me.

Taken from the AFPRB 34th report.

Table 1.3: Recommended annual salary for new entrants
Military salary
All entrants 11,775

This will rise asd you pass out to:
Range 1: Private & Lance Corporal
Level 9 20,907 25,043
Level 8 20,177 23,878
Level 7 19,294 22,849
Level 6 18,502 21,845
Level 5 17,757 20,834
Level 4 16,852 18,841
Level 3 15,494 17,524
Level 2 14,680 15,874
Level 1 13,866 13,866

Cant find anything on the intranet on eligibility rules for MQ's

Hope this snippet helps
Hello, all I can say is my fella is doing his basic training and although he isnt gay there are a few gay people there of both sex's and eveyone seems to be getting on just fine,

...he also said that they had a talk on housing and if your in a cival partnership you can get housing so you go go go for it..........also dont worry about age my fella is 33 and there seems to be a wide range of ages/beliefs/etc

He seems to like it so and cant wait until he is fully trained, the Navy does seem to be the nicest, friendlyest group of people

Good Luck