Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by kingy, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Not the obvious sort of question you will be asked but.................

    I am interested in joining the navy, the problem is that i am gay....lesbian. My partner an i have been together for 8 years and i have decided that i would like to join the navy, however i am worried. I would also like to know about whether we would be able to have married quaters etc. i am aware of the civil partnership rule but i would like to hear from others in the service who are in the same situation. I understand that some people do not agree with my type of life style , howver i would like some constructive feedback on whether i am making the right decision.

    Im 29
    In a well paid Job.............albeit boring
    Am happy to take a pay cut
    and love my girlfriend dearly............I have to she owns half the house :lol:
  2. I think,the term "Married Quarters" give you an answer.Im not sure you will be eligable for them.Also it would depend on which branch you choose as to how much Seatime you would get.You may find that you are spending some considerable time apart.
  3. Hey and welcome lass!

    Sexuality in the RN isn't like they state it, to be honest if you are a good person, not a b*tch and do well in your job, no one is gonna care if your batting for the other side or not.

    I can understand the questions though and hands up for laying it straight out! As for the housing, I don't have the foggy over it!

  4. I understand about being apart, however theRAF offers married quarters to those in a civil partnership as this is just the same as marrige in the eyes of the MOD. does this not apply in the navy
  5. Why thankyou,

    i am not usually a bitch and im a great team player.............however when somethings got to be done ........i get it done bitch or no bitch. I have also got the sickest sense of humour 8)
  6. Hi Kingy,

    To be honest, I don't think your sexuality is really an issue these days - I know a few people in the RN who are gay/lesbian and they haven't had any problems since they came out.

    As to whether joining the RN is a good decision, well I'm still in after 21 years and don't regret it! Pop into the Careers Office, have a chat with them and decide what branch you want to join - it'll definitely be more interesting than your current job. :p

    If you want Family Quarters, allowances etc, I believe that you need to be in a registered civil partnership. However, you will only be entitled to a quarter once you have completed your training, so I suggest you and your other half hang onto the house!
  7. Ach, you'd fit right in then! As for the housing, the RN has fewer Qtr's than the RAF/Army, so it's limited. But if you are married or have an arrangement I am sure the MOD will allow it.
  8. Yep, you'll fit in fine :wink:
  9. You guys are great, far more open and honest than the other services.

    Can any of you tell me if you know of other gay couples in MQ and how easy life is for them
  10. It s good to see that the MOD have moved with the times and it looks like they will allow Service Housing.As others have said ask the recruiters.
  11. Can i ask what the basic pay is for the newer recruit and what i would be looking at (roughly) after trade training.............also how much is it for MQ at the moment and can i bring my dogz
  12. Depends what you are joining as to be honest (your trade). I think when I went through basic; our basic pay was about £500 or around that. During our OM training I was on around £750. Once joining ship and then receiving LSSB then going on deployment etc you can hit a mere £1000 or more, if you are lucky! However, pay depends on your rate etc. As an OM1 I was earning around £1500 on ship, taking into account that you do not pay food or accommodation when drafted, unless your fortunate enough to get a land draft.
  13. £42,500. oooops sorry thats me.

    Taken from the AFPRB 34th report.

    Table 1.3: Recommended annual salary for new entrants
    Military salary
    All entrants 11,775

    This will rise asd you pass out to:
    Range 1: Private & Lance Corporal
    Level 9 20,907 25,043
    Level 8 20,177 23,878
    Level 7 19,294 22,849
    Level 6 18,502 21,845
    Level 5 17,757 20,834
    Level 4 16,852 18,841
    Level 3 15,494 17,524
    Level 2 14,680 15,874
    Level 1 13,866 13,866

    Cant find anything on the intranet on eligibility rules for MQ's

    Hope this snippet helps
  14. Hello, all I can say is my fella is doing his basic training and although he isnt gay there are a few gay people there of both sex's and eveyone seems to be getting on just fine,

    ...he also said that they had a talk on housing and if your in a cival partnership you can get housing so you go go go for it..........also dont worry about age my fella is 33 and there seems to be a wide range of ages/beliefs/etc

    He seems to like it so and cant wait until he is fully trained, the Navy does seem to be the nicest, friendlyest group of people

    Good Luck
  15. I personally have no issue with a persons sexuality - just so long as they can do their job

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